Creative Story Ideas for Teen Fiction

Creative story ideas for writing teen fiction is not as hard to find as a writer might think. Imagination is the only limit to how life can be imitated by teen fiction writing. Incorporation of reality into the story line or main plot can enhance the overall excitement of well written fiction, without destroying any of the plausible integrity.

A good place to start looking is in non-fiction writing. After all, truth is stranger than fiction, and so is a realistic fiction book. Odd or weird news stories is a writer’s grab bag of creative story ideas, or for filling out the frame of a fiction story. Non-fiction teen books that address severe personal difficulties, such as teen cross dressing, pathological lying, internet addiction and cyber sex addiction, not only gives an idea to use but the facts of that topic. Teen email groups, parent email groups, support groups and other free internet email groups provide fiction writers with a variety of viewpoints and topic ideas.

Controversial topics as part of the story plot or sub-plot is a sure way to capture and retain a teen reader’s interest. Although it is best not to turn your creative fiction idea into a persuasive controversial report, the writer’s perspective can be creatively conveyed through a creative story. Some controversial topics that are important to teens are illegal search and seizure by parents or school officials, marijuana use, internet filtering in schools and libraries, religion, human rights and censorship.

A life style of the rich and famous fictional teen could be a creative story idea in and of itself, but this too can be a character support if the writer wishes. Stories of what they did and how they did, such as recording a rock music video and getting it aired on MTV, it will hopefully inspire the reader to keep reading. Possible fantasy fiction story ideas of what the teen did after they became rich and famous are unlimited. Teen internet groups can supply a million and one ways to spend money and live outrageously.

Creative story ideas for writing teen fiction is only a brainstorm away.

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