Creative Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is an antibacterial, an antiviral, an antifungal and an antiseptic. That’s a mouthful! The amazing thing is this mouthful can even be used safely in your mouth in diluted amounts, though you do not want to swallow this. While at home remedies are usually safe, you should still consult with your doctor if you are having a medical problem.

Tea tree oil is native to Australia. The plant that produces this essential oil is called the Melaleuca Alternifolia. The oil is distilled from the leaves of the specimen. The oil can be produced by some trees for over sixty years. It has been used for Aborigines for hundreds of years, and is still being used by the general public for medicinal and cosmetic purposes today.

Tea Tree oil can safely be used on the skin, though it should be used in diluted amounts in some circumstances. It can be used to help with cuts and scrapes. Acne can be combated with tea tree oil as well. Many people use it to treat Athlete’s foot or nail fungus. Calluses, corns and canker sores can benefit from Tea Tree oil. It can be massaged into the scalp or used to help with dry skin.

The scent of Tea Tree oil isn’t for everyone, but those who enjoy it can use it for aromatherapy purposes. You may enjoy it added to a massage. A few drops in a diffuser or even just on a tissue on your desk can allow the essential oil to be released into the air.

Sinusitis suffers can use it to help clear their passages. If you check out a book on aromatherapy or peruse the online message forums you will find many recipes that include Tea Tree oil.

It is important to know when to dilute Tea Tree oil and when it is okay to use it at full strength. Each situation is unique so be sure to research the many ways to use it if you have questions.

If you are using Tea Tree oil for thrush or toothaches, be sure not to swallow the oil. Also be sure to check for allergic reactions. Though it is commonly used for skin discomfort, check to make sure your skin does not react. As with all things of this nature, keep it out of the reach of small children, as it can be toxic if taken internally.

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