Non-traditional Methods of Treating Psoriasis

Many individuals who suffer from psoriasis tend to rely on traditional Western medications to treat their outbreaks, some people have turned to non-traditional methods. Non-traditional methods of treating Psoriasis can be highly effective. One of the most important aspects of a non-traditional treatment of psoriasis is the absence of many of the painful side effect associated with oral prescriptions and topical treatments. Side effects such as unpleasant odor, liver damage, lung damage, and skin cancer has lead many sufferers to pursue non-traditional treatments for their psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a genetically inherited disease. It is not something that you can catch from another individual who suffers from Psoriasis. Physical contact will not result in Psoriasis. The easiest way to explain what Psoriasis is to describe what it looks like. Psoriasis is a disease that results in red inflamed colored lesions on the skins. These lesions reproduce and then scale over in a scab like silver structure that is similar to a scab. These lesions itch, causing severe discomfort to those who suffer from them. Their manifestation can also be alarming to those who suffer from Psoriasis.

Psoriasis cannot be cured at this time. Outbreaks of Psoriasis come and go in cycles that vary from a few outbreaks of lesions to an onslaught of outbreaks on most of their skin. To minimize these outbreaks, many sufferers have researched and tried a few different methods of non-traditional treatments. They include but are not limited to mineral baths from the Dead Sea, diet, and Homeopathy.

Mineral Baths from the Dead Sea

Mineral salts have long been successful in providing temporary relief form the pain and itch associated with Psoriasis. The Dead Sea is the Earth’s largest concentration of mineral salts. Throughout time the Dead Sea has been recognized as a therapeutic relief for many different ailments and diseases. Soaking in the Dead Sea is not merely an old wife’s tale. There have been many studies on patients and the relief of psoriasis through soaking in the Dead Sea. Most have found that there was temporary relief. Many sufferers have even found that soaking in water that has been shipped to them from the Dead Sea is a successful relief of the itch of Psoriasis. This is fortunate for those sufferers who do not live near the Dead Sea and cannot afford to travel there.


Homeopathy is an old medical science that has been around for around two hundred years. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is the founder and origin of Homeopathic treatments. Homeopathy uses all natural substances, such as plants, animal matter, and minerals to treat and heal illnesses and ailments. Through these materials they try to correct an imbalance in the body of the sufferer. Homeopathic remedies are derived form a law known as the “law of similiars.” Basically, to put a very watered definition out there, the law of similiars is a paradox that uses a natural substance to induce the same ailments the sick individual suffers from. They do this in small amounts to induce eth body to heal itself. Homeopathic medicines act as a catalyst to increase the body’s defense mechanisms to encourage healing. There are many believers in Homeopathic treatments and this is well worth your time to do further research into the topic.


Many people believe that particular foods can bring on an outbreak of psoriasis. Some of the foods blamed for outbreaks are red meats, dairy products, cultured foods, and glutens. It is believed these foods irritate the digestion tract and encourage an outbreak of psoriasis. A cleansing diet approach has worked successfully for some patients to control their outbreaks of psoriasis. In particular, many patients use a combination of diet and Homeopathy to prevent and reduce minor outbreaks of psoriasis.

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