Creative Way to Make an Easter Floral Arrangement

Colorful jelly beans and marshmallow bunny candy will add poundage to your frame if you eat them, but they are traditional Easter candies that are hard to pass up. Go ahead and buy them (just don’t eat them) and use the candies in these creative ways and make an beautiful Easter floral arrangement to display during the Holiday or to give as a gift.

Items Needed

To create either one of these lovely vases, you will need two clear glass vases with wide mouths and of the same height (hurricane candle vases work well for the interior vase). One vase must be about three inches smaller than the other so it can fit inside. A variety of brightly colored jelly beans and flat marshmallow bunny candy.

DIY Candy Vase

Place the smallest vase inside the larger one and center it. Begin o fill the gap between the two vases with the candies of your choice, creating colorful layers as you go. For a tall vase, start with a one inch bottom layer of jelly beans, then stand up a row of marshmallow bunnies facing outward. Continue to fill the vase space with alternating layers of different colored jelly beans.

Easter Floral Arrangement

Now that the candy vase is completed, all that is left is the flowers. Fill the interior vase half-full of water and place a bouquet tulips, daisies or another favorite flower in the water to create an Easter floral arrangement to keep or give away.

Mini Egg Flower Vase

Make mini egg flower vases to match the candy vase by coloring raw eggs with desired Easter egg dye (adding glitter is a nice tough too). Poke a hole in each end of the egg shell after its colored and either suction or blow out the raw egg and save for later use. Use a large sewing needle and gently chip away at the hole in the small end of the egg until the hole is large enough to accommodate a flower stem. Place dyed egg in a colorful egg cup, largest hole facing up, and place a small spring flower inside. Use the mini egg flower vases on the table for Easter brunch or group them on a mantle or table top for a decorative floral arrangement.

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