Home Maintenance Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Everyday Tasks 2

Sometimes you will find cleaning tips in the craziest of places. When I found these tips and tried them I just knew I was gong to have to pass them on. Cleaning can be fun and easy (and maybe a bit crazy too!).

Rust Stains on Concrete

If your metal furniture is leaving rust stains on your concrete patio, worry no more! If you add a little lemon juice to a soft cloth and rub they will disappear in no time.

Bugs Just Love Your Plants

Every year after planting a garden it seems bugs have a party as soon as any sort of fruit appears. IF you want to keep your plants and nix the bugs without using any chemicals you can. All you need to catch those critters is an open gallon jug, a cup of sugar, a cup of vinegar and a banana peel. Stuff all of these ingredients into the gallon and hang it in a tree or bush near your plants. The bugs will think there is a treat and climb right in but never be able to get back out!

Suede Shoes Need a Refreshing?

If you have a pair of suede shoes or a suede jacket that needs a little refreshing try dipping a sponge in a little vinegar and wiping down the suede. It will freshen the cloth as good as new.

Defrosting a Freezer

I, for one, hate defrosting my freezer, but it is essential to keeping your appliance running smoothly. After you defrost next time, dry out the interior and spray down the walls with vegetable spray. The next time you defrost the ice will fall right out!

Dingy Brass

If you have some fantastic brass heirlooms that you can’t seem to keep shiny enough to display, try cleaning them with Worcestershire sauce. They will come out gleaming.

Fresh Smelling Carpets

You can never tell what you are breathing when you spread commercial carpet refreshing powders on the carpet, but you can if you make your own. Next time you run out of your favorite scent try mixing a box of baking soda with cinnamon or cloves, the result will be just as wonderful!

Shiny Sinks

Kitchen cleaning, I am convinced, takes up more time than any other household cleaning. Using a chemical for this surface and a different one for that surface is not only eco-unfriendly but expensive as well. From now on, just clean the kitchen with baking soda. It will brighten your sinks, clean your counter and freshen every surface without scratching.

Cleaning does not have to be a pain. With these simple tips and tricks you can save a little time any money by doing what you already do, just better!

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