Haunted Arkansas: The Ghost of the Allen House

Arkansas has its share of haunted houses and one of the most popular or at least one of the most famous is the Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas. This house has intrigued people for years now and some claim the house is still haunted to this day.

Joe Lee Allen and his family built the Allen House in the early part of the 20th century. The family was the first to notice anything odd about the house. Joe was fairly wealthy for the time and he liked to spoil his children. One of his children eventually killed herself in their large home. She drank cyanide, though no one had any clue that she was unhappy or that she would take such actions.

Not long after his daughter’s suicide, Joe moved the family to a new location hoping that they could get a fresh start. Perhaps they did get a fresh start, but it seems like his daughter LaDell was forced to stay behind in the house after her suicide. The new owner of the house turned the building into cheaper apartments and these new residents began seeing LaDell for themselves.

One doctor who lived in the Allen House thought the stories were rather humorous until he had pictures developed that he took in the building. One image of LaDell could clearly be seen in a mirror in his room, though no one was there except him when he took the pictures.

Another couple who lived in the building claimed they actually saw the ghost of LaDell in a closet in their apartment. During a party at their apartment, they saw something inside the closet. After trying to push the closet door shut, they heard someone or something giggling inside. With the help of their friends, the couple finally got the door shut but when they opened it, there was no one there.

At one point a renter turned space on the first floor into a retail shop. The owner would often close up and lock the store, only to arrive the next day to find things missing or turned over. Many people who believe Ladell haunts the Allen House claim she was unhappy at the intrusion of the store.

The Allen House even inspired a novel. Carol Wilson lived in one of the apartments for several years and used the stories and her experiences to create the novel A Scent of Violets. Oddly enough this was the only book the writer ever published.

Others who have lived in the building have heard the sounds of someone crying, moaning, and walking around the upstairs floors when the rooms were unoccupied. Police have been called to the Allen House on numerous occasions to look for someone or investigate a possible prowler, but no one is ever found.

The Allen House is located on Main Street in Monticello, Arkansas. Though the house is still believed to be haunted, it is now classified as a private residence.



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