Creative Ways to Reuse Peanut Jars

The holidays are over, Super Bowl Sunday is now a distant memory, and next Christmas is in the future. But, those empty peanut jars remain as a silent reminder of all the peanuts eaten as party food, snacks, and — for those like me — breakfast. Are there creative ways to reuse peanut jars? Can something be done with them instead of shuffling them off to the landfill? Well, of course! Wash and dry the plastic bottles and lids, and then consider what I’ve found — as an ardent peanut lover — are creative ways to reuse peanut jars.

Turn it into a button jar:

  • Gather loose buttons from your sewing room, bathroom, bedrooms.
  • Place buttons in jar and tighten lid.
  • Place jar on shelf, where it’s available whenever you need a button.

Make an interactive dog toy out of a peanut jar:

  • Place a few carrots, dog treats, or dog food inside. Leave lid off.
  • Give to dog and watch him have fun getting the food out.
  • (Works best with light chewers. Be sure to stay with dog to insure he doesn’t rip the peanut jar apart and cut himself.)

Turn it into a storage bottle for beans and broken pasta:

  • When only a handful of beans or broken pasta are left in the original bag, place loose beans or broken pasta in peanut jar and tighten lid.
  • Label the outside of jar with date.
  • Place jars in pantry, cupboard, or where ever food is stored. Refill as needed.

Create a treat jar for the kids to use on long trips:

  • Place wrapped treats such as candy, fruit leather or fruit snacks inside jar, and tighten lid.
  • Write each child’s name on jar. (Not on lid, as they can accidentally get swapped.)
  • Give the treat jar to them at the start of the trip.
  • By the time the vacation destination is reached, each child will have finished the treats and can use the bottle as a treasure jar for items they find on vacation such as rocks, sea shells, etc.

No one likes to throw away usable items, especially if they can be recycled. With these creative ways to reuse peanut jars, you’ll be proud of the innovative ways you’re recycling. And it might even impress family or friends!

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