The Easiest Way to Clean the Glass on a Wood Burning Stove

A wood burning stove can be just as aesthetically pleasing as a built-in fireplace, but not if your view of the logs and flames is blocked by layers of soot. Cleaning the pane with ordinary window cleaner is not an easy task. You can use an entire roll of paper toweling or several rags and not completely get rid of the mess. The easiest way to clean the glass is also the cheapest, and it does not require the use of chemical products or other costly supplies. You can wipe away the baked-on ash in a matter of minutes.

Precautionary Statement

Do not attempt to clean your wood burning stove while it is still hot. Even if it is barely warm, wait until it is room temperature. It must be completely cool and void of smoldering logs to avoid burning yourself and/or breaking the glass.

Necessary Supplies

To easily remove baked on soot and ashes you will need black and white newsprint. It works better than paper toweling or rags of any type. Do not get rid of the ashes, at least not yet. As strange as it sounds, they work better than anything else to remove the buildup of soot. You will also need a container of lukewarm water. Rubber gloves are helpful but not necessary. In any case, do not throw away the dirty newsprint. The used paper can be salvaged and reused in other practical ways.

Cleaning Procedure

After the wood burning stove has cooled to room temperature, sweep the ashes into a dustpan and dump them into an ash bucket. Keep the bucket close at hand since the contents will be needed during the cleaning process.

Next, wad up a sheet of newspaper, and dip it into the lukewarm water. Apply ashes to the dampened paper, and use them as cleanser to scrub away the soot on the glass. It will seem to magically come off. Continue the process of crumbling, dampening, applying ashes and rubbing away the soot on the glass. You will be amazed by how quickly it comes off. Rubbing the stains with dampened newsprint and ashes is by far the easiest cleaning method.

Saving Newspapers

If the crumpled newspapers did not fall apart during the cleaning process, take them outside or in an unfinished basement or garage. Open and lay out each sheet to dry. If taking them outdoors, use stones to keep them from blowing away. The article entitled Making Newspaper Logs provides easy step-by-step instructions. They can be transformed into paper kindling. Nothing will go to waste.

Source: Green Cleaning and Living Experience

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