Garage Ceiling Shelf

Wire shelves
Nails or screws

Need extra storage room? Have you thought about putting some things in the garage? You probably have. But I’m not talking about stacking boxes on the floor, or setting some utility shelves, and filling them with stuff. I’m referring to the spacious amount of storage room above your head. If your garage has rafters you can use them in an unusual way to store seasonal items, sports equipment, and so much more. A garage ceiling shelf takes very little time to put up but holds a massive amount of things.

Imagine all of the space that you’re going to have indoors after you move so many things to a garage ceiling shelf. You’ll free up room in closets, under the beds, and in cabinets. All you have to do to achieve that uncluttered look is to purchase wire racks. They make great shelves that are easily hung in the rafters.

Crossbeams and rafters, across your garage’s ceiling, are ideal places to store Christmas stuff, winter wear, and rarely-used implements. With a visit to your local home improvement store you’ll find everything needed for the quick installation of the shelves. Look for wire shelves or racks to complete the job. The racks or shelves generally have spaced wires to make the shelf, and additional wires to make short sides around the perimeter (in some models), and those wires make it easy to hang the shelf. Just put nails in the rafter and/or crossbeam boards and hang the shelf on them.

Wire shelves serve more than one purpose in your garage. They can be used to hold boxes and other things, but you can see through the spaces between the wires, so you won’t have to climb up and look for something in particular; you can spot it from the floor. And, with the shelf in place, you’ll be able to organize everything from closets to the garage, itself. Not only can you put things on the shelf, but with “s” hooks – or other types – you can also hang things underneath the shelf.

Consider hanging more wire rack shelves, either in a continuous row, from one end of the garage ceiling to the other, or in another arrangement. After all, you can never have too much storage space; am I right?

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