Review: Mt. Olive Hot Dog Relish – New Squeeze Bottle

I love hot dogs and I enjoying trying different types and brands of relishes on my hot dogs. While shopping at my local grocery store, I recently came across Mt. Olive Hot Dog Relish in an exciting new squeeze bottle! This product captured my attention. I thought it would be perfect for picnics, bbqs and holiday outdoor parties and Summer gatherings! I decided to purchase this product. Here is what I discovered!

Mt. Olive Hot Dog Relish costs one dollar and sixty-nine cents. I got a ten ounce bottle for that price. I think that is a great deal! The best part about this new product, in my opinion, is the great squeeze bottle. This plastic squeeze bottle is an excellent idea. I love it! Relish is messy and this bottle makes using relish totally mess free. I found this product easy to use and very handy. I can toss it in a cooler or picnic basket and not worry about it leaking. It is also great for kids to use. I like to use this product for outdoor gatherings and lunches, especially. It has a snap to lid that is wonderful.

I loved the taste of Mt. Olive Hot Dog Relish! It has a zesty blend of diced cucumbers, mustard, vinegar, onions and red bell pepper. I thought this combination of ingredients tasted wonderful. This relish is delicious on hot dogs! I also tried it with corn dogs and it tasted spectacular! I make some recipes using relish and if you like mustard flavored relish, this product is a winner. It wakes up my dishes and recipes and gives them great flavor. I discovered many great cooking uses for this relish in my kitchen. I found it to be a very tasty and high quality food product. The Mt. Olive Pickle Company is well known for their great pickles. Their relish is just as tasty, in my opinion.

Mt. Olive Hot Dog Relish contains cucumbers, mustard, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, vinegar, onions, red bell pepper, salt, natural and artificial flavors, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate, as a preservative, alum, xanthan gum, FD&C yellow # 5 and polysorbate 80. This product contains twenty-one servings and one serving equals one tablespoon. One serving has twenty calories. This relish has zero grams of total fat, eighty-five mgs of sodium, four grams of total carbs, three grams of sugars and zero grams of protein. This relish is a product of The Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Inc. located in Mt. Olive, North Carolina.

I rate Mt. Olive Hot Dog Relish five stars out of five stars. It is perfect for hot dogs. The new squeeze bottle is a great part about this food item that I loved. I will be purchasing this product again. For fourth of July bbqs, Labor Day picnics, Summer grilling and more, this product is a winner, in my opinion! You can find this relish in most grocery stores.

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