Creative Ways to Setup Backyard Bird Feeders

Watching wild birds is an enjoyable hobby. It is relaxing, interesting and incredibly entertaining. One of the best ways to draw them to a specific outdoor area is with backyard bird feeders. The backyard is a great place to sit back and watch feathered visitors feed, bathe and raise their young. Use creative ways to setup backyard bird feeders, and draw more birds than ever to your property.

I recently setup a group of feeders in my backyard. I love watching the birds, and I wanted to provide an appealing place where numerous varieties could feed. Along with the feeders, birds beautifully enhance a backyard. I did not simply stick posts and hooks in the ground. I thought carefully on how to setup and arrange my backyard bird feeders. The birds love the new and improved arrangement.

Make a Birdbath and Flowers the Focal Point of the Arrangement

When trying to come up with creative ways to setup backyard bird feeders, choose a focal point. It might be a fountain or a container garden. I used a concrete birdbath. The base looks like a tree, and the top is designed to look like a hollowed out trunk. I had it painted deep steel gray. The birds love it, and since it is made of concrete it will last for many years.

Hang a Circle of Bird Feeders on Sheppard’s Hooks

In addition to the birdbath, I added five bird feeders to the feeding station. I setup a circle of bird feeders on sheppard’s hooks. One is designed to hold a seed mixture, another is designed to hold sunflower seeds, and the third one is a suet cake holder. The two remaining bird feeders are exclusively for hummingbirds. One is clear and green decorative blown glass with a red fluted bloom on the end. The other hummingbird feeder is a classic design that includes six openings and perches.

Add a Hanging Basket or Two

I love watching the hummingbirds hover around my backyard bird feeders. In addition to feeders filled with sugar water they also love vibrant flowers. To enhance the beauty and appeal of backyard bird feeders, add a hanging basket or two. I added two baskets of bright Wave petunias. They look phenomenal, and the birds loved them. With all of the bird feeders and the birdbath, the backyard became a sanctuary for birds of all kinds.

Source: Personal Design, Decorating and Bird Feeding Experience

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