House Cleaning Time Savers

Domestic Goddess I am not. I can never seem to get my house as clean as others. There is always assorted clutter on my kitchen table and coffee tables. There are toddler toys on the floor, and laundry to be done. But there are a few things i have learned over time that will help take down the load of being a SAHM and caring for children and a husband.

The first thing i do after getting up and dressed is toss a load of laundry in the washer. This eliminates the need to do many loads in one sitting. It also means anything that has gotten really messy goes into the wash the next morning, Before being stained or getting moldy.

Next is i never walk from my living room to my kitchen without bringing a dish or some trash that has been idly left laying around, and putting it where it belongs. You can bring a few dirty dishes into the kitchen on your way to the bathroom. Another big “living room clutter” can be mail and assorted paperwork, I do it all while sitting at my coffee table. When I’m done, i collect all the trash paper and toss it in the fireplace. The trash will work well too.

Speaking of the bathroom, this is probably the easiest rooms in the house to clean. After a shower or bath spray it down with your favorite bathroom cleaner and rinse. I’ve managed to do this before i ever turn the shower off. Once a week pour a bit of bleach or peroxide in the toilet and wipe out with a brush. The sink is another easy one, spray with cleaner and wipe/rinse out.

Now my personal favorite of time savers is the kitchen. Generally the most time consuming part of cleaning for me. Every night i start dinner And as I’m cooking i start doing the dishes. I’m not Lucky enough to have a dishwasher, but you can just as easily load one. I spend about 20-30 minutes doing dishes while dinner is cooking. Finish up the dishes generally in time to serve my family dinner. I generally also make extra of dinner, this can be frozen in single serving size portions to be eaten as lunch or for my husband to take along to work.

A few simple tricks have made my life a lot easier, and can make yours too. Trying out other peoples ideas on time saving can lead you to your own, and before you know it, You will have a lot more time on your hands.

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