Creative and Practical Ways to Save Bedroom Closet Space

Bedroom closet space is a hot commodity in some homes, and it is often greatly lacking. Storage room is required for more than off season clothing. People need places to store extra blankets, pillows, handbags, belts, accessories and more. It is important to save space and use it to the fullest potential through creative and practical methods of organization. I am currently using a bedroom closet without a top shelf, and I have found a number of ways to save valuable space for everything requiring storage.

Use Aluminum Soda Pop Tabs to Extend Hangers the Cheap and Easy Way

Aluminum pop tabs are good for more than just recycling and creating unique pieces of costume jewelry. I save pop tabs for a number of creative and practical uses. They are incredibly strong and versatile pieces of hardware.

When trying to save bedroom closet space, special hanger extenders are not necessary. Place aluminum pop tabs over hanger hooks, and use them to hold additional hangers. Each hanger can be outfitted with a pop tab, and the closet space can be used from the rod to the floor.

Move Off Season Clothes and Blankets to Another Location

Save bedroom closet space by relocating unnecessary items. Move blankets to a storage chest, and slide suitcases under the bed. Do not store empty suitcases. Fill them with purses and other items that are not currently in use. In addition, the closet should not contain items that do not personally belong to the person that occupies the space. A bedroom closet should not become a catchall for miscellaneous household items. Save space by putting things in their proper places.

Invest in a Few Stackable Plastic Totes or Milk Crates

If a cedar chest or trunk is unavailable to store off season clothes and other personal items, invest in a few stackable plastic totes or milk crates. They will save bedroom closet space since they can be stacked. Plastic totes and milk crates are inexpensive modular storage units, and they can make fast work of the most unorganized bedroom closet.

Store Shoes in an Organizer on the Back of the Closet Door

Shoes can be a tremendous problem in a bedroom closet. Shoe racks do not save space. On the contrary, they take up a considerable mount of valuable room, and they are not the best option. Store shoes in an organizer on the back of the closet door. The space between the inside of the door and the items on hangers is usually wasted. Even if the shoe organizer is not used to store shoes, it can be used to save space. It will make a tremendous difference.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Organizing Experience

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