Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Unless you are involved in a church that supports a crisis pregnancy center, or know someone who has visited one, there is very little public knowledge of the numerous women’s issues these centers cover.

Most centers in the Fort Worth area are funded by donations and staffed with volunteers. The only full time paid employees are the directors and assistant directors.

The Pregnancy Help Center on Camp Bowie West in Fort Worth, Texas has been a part of my life for over ten years now. I began volunteering as a filing clerk, graduated to a counselor position and now provide assistance with newsletters, data base and the donations list.

Over the years I have seen many young women come and go and many success stories. One single parent whose pregnancy test was negative lacked skills to support her daughter and we provided computer training and helped her with financial skills. Other young ladies who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy get help with direction to agencies that are able to offer assistance. For a homeless young lady, we can point her toward a maternity home and supply some of her personal needs while she is there. We provide baby clothes, diapers, formula and even baby furniture. Parenting classes are available and the lengths the volunteers go to in helping these young ladies are endless.

For those ladies who have chosen abortion, and struggle with their decision, there is a post abortion workshop to help them through their emotional turmoil. There is also help for young ladies who have been abused.

On top of their tireless energy in helping these young girls, the volunteers also have to raise money to keep the center running. Two events a year are planned. One is a parking lot sale in the summer which usually only raises enough money to cover the rent and utility expenses for one month and a banquet in the fall where supporters can enjoy a dinner in the company of like-minded friends and is also an opportunity to recognize the volunteers and their dedication to helping girls in our community.

The next time you meet a young lady in a crisis, steer her toward a crisis pregnancy center where she will receive love in a Christian environment and non judgmental help, or contact a local center and ask to be added to their mailing list. You will be surprised to read in their newsletter the amount of work they do within the community.

Kudos to the staff and volunteers who give up many hours to help our young ladies get through an emotional and upsetting time in their life.

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