Do You Agree or Disagree with Abortion?

Around the world this is a very hot debate. Should you or should you not have an abortion? Every year there are about 50 million to 60 million unborn babies that perish by abortion. The exact figures are very difficult to get because most governments do not keep careful records of abortions. What exactly does a mother feel when she has an abortion? As with any medical procedure there are risks involved with abortion. When a mother is pregnant the mouth of the womb, or cervix is tightly closed to keep the baby safe. Dilation and insertion of instruments can be painful and traumatic.

There are numerous complication the can occur as a result of abortion such as, hemorrhaging, damage or tears to the cervix, puncture o the uterus, blood clots, anesthesia reaction, convulsions, fever, chills, and vomiting. In many countries the risk is even greater. Many women suffer from emotional trauma after an abortion. Sometimes due to complications they can ruin their chance at every having a baby.

But what about the baby? Does he or she feel anything during this procedure? That is something we will never really know. Most doctors say that they do not to make the patient fell less guilty about the abortion. Most abortions are done in the first 12 weeks of life. By the time the fetus has reached this stage they have begun to practice breathing and swallowing, and its heart is beating. They can even curl their tiny toes, make a fist, turn flips in its water world and feel pain. There are times when an attempt to abort has failed, causing a dying baby to be born. If the baby is too developed to be killed by other methods, some opt to have a hysterectomy, which is actually a cesarean section with a twist. They end life instead of saving it.

How do the doctors feel about this procedure?

For years physicians have embraced the values expressed in the venerated Hippocratic oath, which says in part: To none will I give a deadly drug, even if solicited, nor offer counsel to such an end, and no woman will I give a destructive suppository (to produce abortion), but guiltless and hallowed will I keep my art. What about those doctors who decide to perform this procedure? Many of those that do perform this procedure end up feeling guilty years later, some don’t. It really depends on what they have in their heart. Some doctors even suggest that abortion will help to control the population. Many of the world’s population problems, may be relatively unimportant to a woman who has an unwanted pregnancy. It may be that she is unmarried and feels emotionally incapable of bearing and rearing a child. There are however, various factors that need to be considered. For example, even under the safest conditions of legalized abortion, she might be imperiling her health and life. Some doctors feel that the quick change from a pregnant state results in imbalance of the woman’s sympathetic nervous systems. Abortion can even have a long-lasting effect upon individuals in the nursing profession as well.

One of the main questions is when does life start? Most doctors believe that there is human life in there from the very onset of pregnancy. Many doctors agree that abortion is the killing of life. There are times when abortion may be unavoidable, or a miscarriage may occur. There are also issues such as teen pregnancy and those women who become pregnant because of rape. Some feel that this is more than enough reason to have an abortion. Of course the bottom line is that it is the parents choice, and they feel on a moral, and sometimes spiritual level. Many people are very concerned about how God may judge them when it comes to abortion.

There are other alternatives. If a parent is unable or unwilling to care for the child they can put him or her up for adoption. There are many families who want a baby, but are unable to have one, and are willing to adopt. Just keep in mind that if you are contemplating having an abortion or if you know someone that is thinking about it, do your homework. Do you really want to take a life or murder a child? That is exactly what you will be doing. After months of research we have found that a fetus is alive at conception. So you would be committing a murder. Of course you wont be arrested are charged with murder, but that is what it would be. Think long and hard before you make any decision.

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