Culinary Schools in Texas

Choosing a culinary school can be a difficult decision. The state of Texas has many different types of culinary schools, which can make the decision process even more involved. Culinary schools in Texas fall under a few different categories. There are Certificate programs, Associate programs, Bachelors programs and Masters program. If you choose to further your education after a Bachelors degree, then you will need to add an additional two years on to achieve you Masters. Many schools in the state of Texas offer a variety of these different degree programs at their culinary schools. Beyond these programs many culinary schools in Texas offer classes for the general public that lead to no degree.

Certificate programs are ideal for an individual who is in a hurry to start their career in the culinary industry. These programs are short and may last only a few months. Obviously, this means there will be less focus on the academic. Students are immediately taught basic skills and techniques that will prepare them for the job market. It is important to understand that a certificate program is not a degree.

If you do want a degree, but do not want to spend four years in school, than look into an Associates degree. Generally speaking it should take you about two years to earn an associates degree. There is more time to focus on the academic as well as the hands on skills. An associate’s degree will allow you to get into the job market sooner while still achieving a degree.

A bachelors program is a four-year program that prepares you for more of a managerial role in the culinary field. This is not to say that you have to manage. You will be prepared fro all aspects of food service.

If you are interested in teaching in the culinary field you will want to achieve your masters in an accredited culinary school. This will qualify you to teach at any level from high school to college. This is a great career choice for someone who enjoys food, but doesn’t want the crazy and long hours that most chefs and individuals in the food service industry experience.

Viking Culinary Arts Center is a great culinary school in Texas for anyone who wants to take a few basic cooking classes. They offer extensive courses in a wide variety of cuisines. They are great place for an avid foody to learn some industry techniques and really get involved in the culinary world. They are not an institute of higher learning that will lead to any type of degree. Viking Culinary Arts Center is located at 4531 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, Texas, 75205. They can be reached at (214) 526-3942.

Culinary School of Fort Worth is a great institute of higher learning for anyone looking to become a professional in the culinary world. They offer certificate programs that can prepare you for a career in the food service industry. The Culinary Arts Program at Culinary School of Fort Worth consists of four separate courses: Chef Pro I, Pastry Pro I, Chef Pro II, and Chef Pro III. The Pastry Arts Program also consists of four courses: Chef Pro I, Pastry Pro I, Pastry Pro II, and Chef Pro III. Culinary School of Fort Worth is located at 6100 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth , Texas, 76116. they can be reached at (817) 737-8427.

Texas Culinary Academy offers a variety of courses and a chance to earn your Associates degree in their culinary school. Cooking programs offer students opportunities to earn their Associate of Applied Science Degree in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts. Texas Culinary Academy is located at 1140 Burnet Road, # 162881, Austin, Texas, 78578. they can be reached at (512) 837-2665.

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