How to Make a Solar Hot Dog Cooker

Solar energy is being used in a number of productive ways to serve as a renewable source of heat, including electricity generation and cooking purposes. You might feel a need to have a cooking device which can run without any fossil fuel, especially when you are camping, travelling or having a picnic. A solar cooker can easily prepare hotdogs for you to eat while using sunlight. More interestingly, you can make a solar cooker at home using just few spare things you already have. This won’t require any technical expertise or specialised equipment and anyone can make his own solar cooker to prepare hotdogs anywhere.

Things Required:

– A shoe box or any other cardboard box
– Aluminium foil
– Spare cardboard
– A cutter
– Glue tape
– Coat hanger


  • 1

    A narrow, long box is ideal for making the solar cooker and a shoe box will serve an excellent purpose. Draw a rectangle on the top of the closed box with a marker. Make sure to leave 1 ½ inch border on all sides, just like a photo frame.

  • 2

    You can use a kitchen knife or a bard board cutter to incise the rectangular marking you made earlier. Cut three sides of that rectangle but leave the fourth one to make a flap. Fold the hatch upwards.

  • 3

    Take a piece of card board or poster board with the size to fit in the base of the shoe box. Place it at the bottom of the box uniformly (avoid making wrinkles to it and keep it as smooth as you can) and apply glue on it

  • 4

    Take aluminium foil of the similar size to the cardboard inserted in the box and affix it on the gluey surface firmly. Press the foil with your hands and allow the glue to dry.

  • 5

    You need to past aluminium foil on the inner side of the flap. A glue tape can be effectively used to cover up the entire inner surface of the flap, without leaving any spaces for heat to escape.

  • 6

    Cut down two pieces of two inches wide cardboard and glue them to the sides of the box at the centre. Make sure the height of the cardboard pieces is slightly greater than the box. Insert a metal skewer through these cardboard pieces or a coat hanger can also be used for this purpose.

  • 7

    Place a hotdog on the skewer and put the solar cooker in direct sunlight. Adjust the aluminium covered flap to an angle where it can reflect sunlight onto the hotdog.

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