Difference Between Yogurt and Curd

Dairy products are an important part of food in all cultures. There are many options that are available within the dairy products of all kinds. The variety on offer never comes to an end. Some of these are consumed in the breakfast while other are had with all meals. Some are even used as a snack.

Yogurt and curd are present everywhere in the world. They are generally used individually for cooling the stomach down in summers as well as used as an ingredient in many dishes and curries. They can add a lot of flavor as well.

The terms yogurt and curd are used as synonyms but in reality there are subtle differences in the two.  While the tastes are similar and the texture too is not all that different, there are some basic differences in the process in which they are made that make them quite different from each other.

Opposed to common thought, these two cannot substitute each other when it comes to being an ingredient of various dishes as they have their own distinct tastes and characteristics.


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    Yogurt is mostly found in Western Hemisphere and in places like Europe, the US and the Americas. It is believed to be of Turkish origin. It has its own unique taste which is slightly sour which many people like.

    The process of making yogurt involves metabolizing of the lactose in the milk with the help of bacteria. It has a gel like texture as a result.

    It has many health benefits and health conscious people prefer to take yogurt to stay in good health and keep the fat away. It is used in a wide variety of foods and beverages and is a popular ingredient the world over.

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    Curd is a product that is used more in the Asian region as well as in the Americas. The place of origin of curd is not clear.

    The process of making curd is simple. In order to make curd, a acidic agent such as the lemon juice or vinegar is introduced to the milk. It takes a few hours to convert into curd which is quite solid in nature. The water sitting at the top is drained.

    It is used in several kinds of foods and is often used in curry to add a bit of a different flavour. It is also used to make beverages particularly in parts of Asia.

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