Curb Appeal

Front Curb Appeal is important to help greet visitors and is crucial if you are trying to sell your home.

First impressions on your home helps potential buyers solidify their decision to purchase. When a potential buyer first walks up to your home, its curb appeal is essential to how your house is perceived. Someone walking by dead grass and overgrown shrubs gets the impression of a neglected home. Fortunately some simple and inexpensive updates can make all the difference.

Patch grass holes

Dead grass spots or neglected lawn is a definite area for correction. If you are preparing to sell your home or flip a home, don’t wait until everything else is complete before addressing your lawn. If you know that you are going to be selling you home in 6 to 8 weeks, plant grass seed. That lead time will be plenty to ensure that you have a bright green lawn to great potential buyers. If you are in a rush, you can purchase pre grown grass (sod) and lay it down for an instant lawn. Price range from $10-$20 for grass seed up to $100s of dollars for sod (depending on the quantity that you need).

Edge your walkways

Landscaping and grass that is overgrowing onto your driveway and walkways takes away from the overall appearance of your home. Be sure to edge plants and grass so that there is a clean separation between your landscaping and hardscaping. Price range from free (if you have a flat shovel to $100 to purchase or rent an edger. The best part of this job is that it only takes a bit of manual effort and a shovel.

Remove overgrown plants and bushes

Overgrown shrubs, plants and trees give a dated look to a home. Trim them back when you are able to and replace if it is not possible to trim back. Price range from free (if you have a pruning shear to $100 to purchase or rent the equipment. This is another job that takes more time then financial investment.

Add flower box

Adding flower boxes to your home or deck can add an instant punch of color and makes a visitor feel more welcome.

Update landscaping

Perhaps trimming back overgrown plants and bushes is not enough. A quick run down to your local plant nursery may be just what you need. The people down at the nursery can help you design and pick out a whole new landscape. Price range from $100 to several thousand dollars depending on how much, how big, and how common the plants are.

Clean concrete

Power wash and clean dirt and grime from your walkways and driveway to give a fresh clean look to your home. For more information on how to clean concrete, see my other article on cleaning concrete…

How To Clean Concrete

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