Curved Curtain Rods – Great Idea for Your Arched and Bow Windows!

Arched windows, bay windows, bow windows – they look so beautiful in any interior. But when you need to choose window treatment for such windows, you may face a big dilemma: to cover, or not to cover. On one hand they add a unique charm to your room, but on the other hand they look bare without dressing. And besides, sometimes you want to keep your privacy and reduce light, coming outside, don’t you? If you are facing such problem, don’t worry – curved curtain rods can be a wonderful solution if you consider adding draperies, valances or window scarf to your non-standard windows.

Besides, there are several variations of drapery hardware for curved windows. There are a number of companies that produce various types of curved, flexible and bendable drapery rods and tracks. They may vary by materials and price, so do your search and you will definitely find a solution for your curved windows.

Before looking for the drapery hardware, decide about window treatment style that you would like to add to your curved window. Do you want to hang draperies? If so, what kind of them? Will it be heavy weighted draperies or light sheers? Maybe you need a set of draperies? Are you going to add also valances, pelmet, or swags? Or, maybe you plan only to put decorative window scarf above the arched window to enhance its beauty? For every of these choices you may need a different type of curved window rods.

Options you may consider for your curved windows:

Custom curved rods – you can get traverse rods or wrought iron rods. Traverse rods are usually made of aluminum and may vary in how much weight you can hang on them. Iron rods are sturdier and look more attractive. It means that you can use them for heavy weighted draperies and can do without valances or pelmets – iron rod itself can be an eye-catching element of your window treatment, especially with decorative finials. White or colored draperies or window scarves will look very attractive with black or painted iron rod.

Bay window curtain rods – these curtain rods are designed especially for bay windows. They are usually made of metal with white finish. They come in variety of sizes and can be adjust to your specific bay window. Keep in mind that there is a limitation of how much weight they can support. Check it out when you shop for them. You have also an option to get double bay window curtain track if you need to hang a set of draperies or draperies with a valance.

Flexible traverse curtain tracks
– a wonderful solution for many kinds of non-standard and curved windows such as corner, bay, bow and arched windows. Some companies sell them by foot, others – in rolls or as a single wide track that you can cut and bend for your specific window. A minimal radius is usually 12″. These metal tracks can be standard, medium duty and heavy duty – for light, medium weighted and heavy weighted draperies.

Bendable curtain rods – are good for arched, oval and eyebrow windows. They become invisible under curtains because they are made of clear plastic. Like a flexible metal track, they can be easily cut and bend for your curved window. You can get a window hardware kit that includes the rod, parts and instructions for installation.

Curtains and drapes is not the only variation of window covering for curved windows. You have many other options – blinds, shades, shutters, stained glass.

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