DAP Easy Caulk for Kitchen & Bath

We just finished a bathroom remodel, and when we put the new sink in we needed to caulk under it, and around the edges to prevent water from getting under the sink vanity. I’ve never had much success with a caulking gun, and I don’t like the squeeze tubes of caulk as you can’t get a uniform bead. When I saw that DAP now makes an “Easy Caulk” that goes on without a caulk gun, I was sold.


This caulk comes in a gold colored metal can, measuring 5 1/4″ long, and has a long tipped plastic white applicator nozzle at the top that is an additional 2 1/4″ in length. There is a clear plastic protective cover that fits over the long nozzle. I was looking for caulk in a bone or bisque color, but all this particular style came in was gloss white.

There are three cutting lines on the nozzle, all at a 45 degree slant, and you cut the one you need. The line near the top will give you a small thin bead of caulk, and the bottom line provides a thicker wider bead.


* Contains microban to fight the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew
* It’s permanently flexible
* Gives a waterproof seal
* Paintable
* Cleans up easily with water

Our Experience

You use this in the same way as you would a can of Cheese Whiz or Redi Whip Whipped Cream. You apply pressure to the nozzle with your finger, while making contact with the surface. You can smooth this bead with a finishing tool, but we just wet our finger with a bit of water and that works great as well.

My husband attempted to use this first, and he made a huge mess! He got WAY too much caulk on the counter top, he had at least 1/2″ wide swatch of caulk on the counter next to the sink edge. I had to clean it up with paper towels, and as long as it didn’t dry it was easy to remove. He complained that the product was too watery and hard to control.

I then took the can and pressed the nozzle gently and a nice thin bead of caulk formed all around the edge of my sink! I thought this was incredibly easy to use, and much handier and versatile than using a caulking gun, which has to be pumped and is more cumbersome.

This one 9 ounce can will give you 34 linear feet with a 3/16″ diameter bead size. It will cure completely in 24 hours. You can easily clean up any residue with damp sponge or cloth.

I am impressed with this new product! It makes caulking so easy, and I love that I don’t have to use a caulking gun any longer! You can control the bead of caulk simply by the amount of pressure you apply to the nozzle, so you might want to practice on a paper towel first – had my husband done that we would have had much less of a mess to clean up!

It retails for around $4 a can, which is a great buy in my opinion. And DAP guarantees that this will not mildew, crack, peel, or separate for one year, when used as directed. It does need to be used in temperatures that are at least 40 degrees, so if you have a boat or RV to caulk, be sure and do it when it’s warm enough to allow the caulk to cure.

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