DIY: How to Recycle Ordinary Objects into New Decor

Do it yourself (DIY) enthusiasts often recycle old items into new items. Creativity is part of their nature. Even if you’re new to DIY projects and recycling, the possibilities are endless. Just take a close look at your environment then imagine what could be.

Think outside the box. Follow your instincts. Look at objects from a variety of angles. You never know when a decor idea is going to hatch. Flea market finds and unused items around the house and outbuildings can provide an endless source of DIY materials.

One of the benefits of recycling is the opportunity to put your style, your stamp, on your creation. It’s all about you and your dÃ?©cor. Mix the colors you want to mix. Use the objects you want to use. Do you like marbles? Buttons? String? Books? Socks?

Save money by turning old objects into new d�©cor. Do it yourself and bring your style to life. Get together with friends and swap unused and unwanted items. Recycle them into useful and decorative items. Make recycling a habit.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Shutters become sorters. Old shutters make great new message boards and mail sorters. Decorate the shutter to match your dÃ?©cor, mount it on the wall and you’ve just recycled and decorated.

Drawers became display d�©cor. Drawers from dressers and other furniture can be mounted sideways to become shadow boxes and shelving units. The shallow size makes a perfect fit for paperbacks, CDs, music, movies and decorative objects.

Old door moldings become wall d�©cor. Old door moldings make a way to display plates or photos. Mount molding to wall and add objects you wish to display.

Mismatched chairs become a set. Turn mismatched chairs into a cohesive set simply by decorating them all the same. Whether you just add a coat of paint or go on to stencil, the design makes them a unit instead of a batch of individual items.

Cabinets do side duty. Cabinets make good bench storage when turned on their sides. You’ll want to make sure the cabinet is sturdy. Add a length of chain or special hinge so the door doesn’t fall too far when opened. Mounted sideways on the wall, a cabinet can be an instant drop down writing area with storage for letterhead, stamps and pens. Add a covered piece of foam to a cabinet on its side on the floor and you’ve created a decorative bench with storage space hidden inside. Hide boots, shoes, even recycling material inside.

Scarves: Recycle scarves by turning them into framed art, pillows, quilts, decorative trim and more.

Magazines and books: Cut out words, phrases and photos for scrap booking or collage creation. Magazine pages make creative wallpaper. Frame pages for instant d�©cor.

Baby and doll clothes: Sentimental baby and doll clothes can be framed as art. Mount them in deep frames. They can also become memory pillows and quilts. Recycle the trim and buttons also for making jewelry, accessories and trimming new creations.

Old quilts and fabric: Pieces of quilts and fabric can be recycled into stuffed animals, cloth dolls, pillows, rag rugs, new quilts, photo frame trim, new covers for old books and binders, and more.

Clay flower pots: Clay flower pots can be painted and turned into containers for pens and other items. Broken flower pots can be recycled into mosaics. If you have a large collection of clay pots, stack a few of them upside down. Put the largest on the bottom and work your way up to smallest. Set a clay flower pot base or other shallow container on top and you have an instant bird bath. It can be painted or decorated to match your lawn and garden d�©cor. Be sure to use an adhesive that works with clay.

Decorative Iron Railing pieces: Decorative iron railing makes attractive headboards when attached to the wall above the head of the bed. Like the pattern but not the rail? Trace the pattern, using it as a stencil for new wall d�©cor.

Porch posts: Old porch posts can be cut down to make lamps, bird feeder bases, table legs and more.

Tin cans: Tin cans are easy to decorate and turn into flowerpots, pen holders and other useful objects.

Colored bottles: Invert clean bottles on stakes of varying heights to create attractive lawn and garden d�©cor. Fill them with marbles, buttons, or assorted dried beans to make bookends.

Wash tub: Turn an old washtub upside down, add a glass tabletop and you have an instant table for patio or garden entertaining.

Bird bath: Old bird baths can also be recycled into creative patio tables. Fill the bird bath with decorative objects before placing the glass tabletop on it. Small toys, tools, sea shells, things that make you smile are the best kind of things to use. Let nature’s dÃ?©cor inspire you.

Wallpaper: Wallpaper can be used for shelf liner, binder covers, art projects, covering photo frames and more.

Mail box: Mail boxes can be used for storage inside and out. In the garden, use a mail box to hold small garden tools and gloves. Inside, give children their own mailboxes to hold school goodies and personal items.

Game boards: Game boards can be mounted on the wall, framed or unframed. They’re especially good for game rooms and children’s rooms. Mount a game board inside a shadow box and add glass for an interesting table.

Buttons and trim from clothing and other objects. Before tossing stained and worn garments into the rag bag, remove buttons and other trim.

Broken jewelry. Broken jewelry can be recycled into accent pieces for accessories, collages, photo frame trim and more.

Join the DYI fun. Go to a flea market. Take a walk through the garden. Let your imagination run wild. What potential can you find in an old box, in a ball of string? Let mother nature’s dÃ?©cor inspire you to freshen your own dÃ?©cor. Use ordinary items to make your environment reflect your style, your passion. You aren’t just recycling. You’re rejuvenating.

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