Is a French Door Refrigerator Right for You?

If you’re shopping for a new refrigerator, and you’re looking for a design that better suits your needs, then a French Door model may be it. This refrigerator is similar to a side-by-side, except it has three doors. It has two doors over the refrigeration section and the freezer on the bottom. Because of its design, it has advantages, but disadvantages as well. It typically costs more than traditional refrigerators, so beware if you’re on a tight budget. Read this informative article and find out if a French Door refrigerator is right for you.

1. The Upper Double Doors

Just like with a traditional side-by-side refrigerator, having two doors instead of one is more energy-efficient. You can open one side or the other, instead of opening one solid door that lets more cooled air out. Two doors aren’t as heavy as a single door when they’re loaded with foods too.

Open the top doors on a French Door refrigerator, and it’s easier to place large items such as a turkey, watermelon, or a sheet cake inside.

If the space in your kitchen for a refrigerator is small, a double-door model will fit better. The doors will take less space when they’re opened as opposed to the full swing of a single door.

2. The Refrigerated Section

If you store a lot of fresh produce in the crisper drawers of a traditional refrigerator, you find yourself constantly bending down to put the items away, and retrieve them as well. In a French Door refrigerator, all of the food is easily reachable. Whether it’s a roast on a shelf, fruit, milk or wine in the doors, you can stand there and grab what you want.

Another advantage to the positioning of the refrigerated section is, foods won’t get lost. In a French Door refrigerator, you don’t need to bend down to search lower shelves.

3. The Bottom Freezer

The freezer section has either one basket or multiple baskets that pull out. That means you don’t have to reach inside the freezer to find what you’re after. However, you have to stack frozen foods in a French Door refrigerator which means a lot of digging around.

If you have back problems or trouble bending over, and you access your freezer a lot, the French Door design isn’t for you.


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