DIY: Issues to Consider when Repairing Roof Damage

Owning a home can be an exciting adventure. However, when repairs are required, that excitement and satisfaction can quickly turn into disappointment at chaos. For many homeowners, repairing the home themselves often seems to be a cost effective way to approach home maintenance and home repair.

When considering home repair to the roof, however, there are many reasons to hire a roofing contractor to do the work for you. From contractor reduced rates for supplies to guarantees and warranties against the work, the roofing contractor is, for the most part, a better route to roofing repair versus a do-it-yourself option.

If you are still considering a do-it-yourself option for the roofing repair, there are other obstacles, above and beyond warranty and cost, which you will want to consider. First, there are issues involving the valleys of the roof. Because metal and roll roofing does not come in one consistent piece, long enough to cover the entire valley on your roof, you will need to add approximately 10 inches to your measurements to account for the full valley area.

Another area of concern will be the area around the chimney. Because the chimney will require flashing, in many cases it will be new flashing, attaching shingles correctly is important to maintain the integrity of the chimney and the roofing work. Again, this is a crucial area of focus as improperly laid roofing and shingles may result in long term complications including water leaks when it rains. For this reason, again, a roofing contractor is best.

Walls are also an important consideration when you are attempting to install your own roofing shingles. You should never remove old flashing unless absolutely necessary and always be sure to install the new shingles, tightly, and flushed as close to the wall as possible.

Added to these common obstacles are the issues involving what type grade and style roofing to install. Because asphalt composition roofing comes in a variety of grades and sizes, it is best to hire a roofing contractor as they can provide guidance in selecting the best roofing materials for the look and design of your home while providing durability and warranty protection, to your home, for many years to come.

While there are many home repairs and home maintenance issues that a homeowner can complete on their own, the issues involved with roofing repair or roofing replacement should be left to the professional roofing contractors.

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