How to Make Your Bathroom Appeal to Real Estate Buyers

Your bathroom can be the room that sells your home; or it can be the reason your home stays on the market for a long time. Most bathrooms across the country could be updated or need to be fixed. Here are a few tips for homeowners who are trying to sell their home. These tips could also help homeowners make their bathroom look better for themselves.

When re-doing your bathroom, first take an inventory of exactly what needs to be done. Is their anything that is dirty looking even if it is very clean? Are their any cracked or missing tiles? Do any of your fixtures look like they belong in a travel trailer or a low- rent house? Is anything broken? Looking at these things will give you an idea of what you have to do.

Try to have a tub in your bathroom, a tub/shower preferably. Many people only have shower stalls in their bathroom. While a nice shower stall can be a plus, many people love to luxuriate in a tub, so it can be a bigger plus to have a tub. The tub/shower appeals to buyers who love baths and those who love showers, so that is usually the biggest plus.

Make sure that all tile and flooring is not cracked, coming loose, or missing completely. Tile and flooring that is coming loose can be fixed the easiest. Cracked tiled can be re-glazed to look new. Missing tiles could be a problem because that tile may not be made anymore or could be hard to find. In some cases, a missing tile has led to having to buy and install new tiles across the bathroom.

Never have carpet in your bathroom when you are trying to sell it. I have seen so many people put carpet in their bathrooms to make it warmer for their feet in the winter and some people actually think that the carpet looks better than tile. For 99% of people, carpet in the bathroom is nothing but a mold trap.

Update or install light fixtures if needed. Always have lights above the bathroom sink. Also, make sure that all bulbs are working. I know it sounds stupid, but many people show off their house to potential buyers with light bulbs blown out.

Make sure that there is a decent sized mirror that looks good above your bathroom sink and below a light source. Having a nicer medicine cabinet would be best, as you would also have storage.

Have neutral colors in your bathroom. Many bathrooms are too girlish. This turns men and many women away from a house. Beiges, whites, or light blues may be best for most bathrooms.

Make sure that your bathroom accessories match. People do not want to see a white bath towel next to a green one and blue washcloths. Also, make sure that the colors compliment the walls and flooring of your bathroom.

If anything looks cheap in your bathroom, replace it. Fixtures in mint colors- usually pink and green- also need to be replaced, as most people believe that they are a bad choice nowadays.

Never leave any clutter out in the open. You want to show off the space you have. Also, potential buyers of you home need to be able to see their things in the space, not yours. Leaving clutter around also gives the impression of no storage space.

Doing these things (which could require a complete renovation of your bathroom) can give value to a house and gives your home a better chance of selling with few problems.

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