DIY: Making a Surfboard Room

Surfboard rooms are perfect for the sunny coastal rooms, or children that enjoy the thought of the beach, surfing and other sunny activities. Although surfing is a very expensive sport, there are many things that we can do to incorporate a surfboard design into a room that can bring the child right through their teenage years.

Color is an important element of the Surfboard room. No surf board I have ever seen has been dull, and therefore it is important to make this room pop with color. Consider this expensive investment, but an important focal point from the room. Hang a surf board from the ceiling with clear twine and hooks, securing it on the underside with clear adhesive tape. Not only is this a great way to store the board when it is not in season, it gives the surfing room a focal point.

A Surfboard table is a great way to add personality to the room. It can be crafted by using three pieces of plywood, each cut into the shape of a surfboard. After the pieces are cut, sanded and primed, they should be airbrushed to create a popular surfboard design. This is going to be a main focal point of the room, and should be featured. Ensure that the boards are treated with varnish, as they are going to withstand hours of homework and play time. Next, use metal braces to adhere two of the surfboards together, adjacently, to make the table top. The next board can be cut in half to create the legs that are going to support the table. Adhere the legs to the table top using metal brackets and wood glue. Attach the table to the wall on the underside of the table, again, using metal brackets, and the table is ready to face the wind!

One of my favorite ideas of a surf board room can be very expensive, but is a great way to showcase boards. Create an accent wall, in which numerous surfboards are mounted to the wall with shelves, taking great care not to damage the boards. Anyone who enters this room will be sure of the theme.

You could even go as far as to create a surfboard headboard for the bed frame! Use an old surf board, and adhesive to mount it to the existing bed frame, This surfer in training will feel at home in their bed that is ready to hit the waves.

Here are some great ways to make a surfboard room pop. Consider a beach mural, stick on panels without seams are available from many home wallpaper stores, and can be peeled and stuck onto nearly any surface. These are customizable for size and shape, and make a great background for the wall of surfboards.

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