How to Use Chipper Vacs for Fall Yard Clean-Up

The signs are everywhere. Pine needles are on the ground. Leaves are collecting in the yard. The summer is almost over which means that it is almost time for your annual fall yard cleanup.

One way to take a load off of the strenuous task of yard work this fall is by purchasing a Chipper vac. Chipper vacs work like a lawn mower, a vacuum cleaner, and a wood chipper all at the same time. With this versatile machine you can mow your lawn and clean up the extra grass, sticks, or pine needles in your yard all at once. After you are finished working on your lawn you can even make your driveway, sidewalk, or walkway spotless. All of the debris you pick up will be chopped and pressed together to save you a few trips to the compost bin.

There are a wide variety of chipper vacs to choose from, from push machines to automatic and even riding mowers. The chipper vac that is right for you depends on what kind of yard you have.

Before choosing your machine there are three things to keep in mind. The first is the machine’s horsepower. Chipper vacs usually range from one to ten horsepower depending on the machine. For yards with a lot of hills or trees you probably want a higher horsepower chipper vac. Another thing to look for is how many blades are on the machine. Typically the more blades you have, the more efficient the machine will be. The last thing to check is the reduction ratio. This is a ratio for how well the machine will combine your yard waste. For example, if a chipper vac has a 10:1 ratio that means that you will only have one bag of yard waste for every ten that you would have had without the machine.

Aside from sharpening the blades very little maintenance is required with a chipper vac. This all in one machine ranges in price from $400 to $2,500 depending on which type you want. Lowe’s, Sears, and TroyBilt all have an excellent selection of chipper vacs so you can choose just the right one for you and your yard.
Chipper vacs can save you precious time and take away the hard work that comes with making your yard the best in your neighborhood. This fall instead of slaving away at your lawn, buy a chipper vac. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

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