Da VInci Code: What Are Some Afraid Of?

With all the hype surrounding the Da Vinci Code, you might think it was either the best movie in years or the most offensive. Of course, it isn’t either one. It is a good cinematic experience, one that will rank among dozens for the avid movie goer. Not bad, but not knocking the proverbial socks off. So why are so many so up in arms about it? Do they realize that their own faith might not be unassailable? That the belief system they hold so dear could be built on lies and deception? Could be. That lies at the crux of what is wrong with faith to begin with. True knowledge (see-science, etc.) welcomes questioning. It demands to be disproved. Only after in has thoroughly not been disproved- time and time again- is it taken to be true. Faith, on the other hand, fares less well the more it is exposed to free thought or science.

Can anyone, regardless of their personal beliefs, say with a straight face that religion throughout history has distorted facts and belief systems to further its own gain? So are the claims made in The DaVinci Code all that hard to swallow? Personally, the ideas put forth are far more palatable than more traditional Christianity. The creed of the Code supposes a far softer religion, more open and accepting. But that’s beside the point. Whether it was better or not, true or not-isn’t what is at issue with those afraid of it. Do they have doubts in their own belief system? I could see a dozen movies in which gravity is portrayed as non-existent, or upside down, or whatever. I have no doubt I will still be walking on the ground tomorrow.

Granted, I went in knowing I would be a little disappointed. Why, you ask? Because Dan Brown lets the Church off the hook. If you have seen the movie or read the book, you know what I mean. All in all, I have this advice for those who rail against the story. If you want to talk contradictions, historical inaccuracies, and outright fiction, you have to look no farther than the Bible. And remember, it is only a movie!

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