Dallas Collector Show Offers Diecast Cars, Toys, Comics, Cards, and More

What started off as a small show to feed the collecting needs of Hot Wheels fans has become one of the most popular collectibles shows in Dallas, Texas. It is the Metroplex Diecast and Collectibles Show, and if you are looking for some of today’s most popular collectibles, you’ve found a nice starting point.

Usually tucked away in one of the meeting rooms of the Sterling Hotel in Dallas, the show is primarily made up of diecast dealers, offering Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, and other makers. It was the show’s primary focus when it started out several years ago, but the show has since expanded to offer toys, action figures, comics, sports cards, autographs, Beanie Babies, NASCAR merchandise, and sports memorabilia. The size of the show varies, with anywhere from 40 to 60 tables of collectibles, depending n the time of year. Summer means more dealers, and better deals. While a Hot Wheel can set you back about a buck in most stores, it isn’t unusual to find new, unopened Hot Wheels for as low as 2 for $1. Hard core Hot Wheels collectors get to the show before it opens to ensure they get first crack at the new cars. They also know to stick around until the last half hour, when some dealers run dirt-cheap specials so they won’t have to pack as much to take home.

While most collectors will find a wide selectiuon of diecast cars from the past couple of years, they will also find a good selection of vintage cars, usually loose, to purchase as well. If you are not a car collector, there are plenty of other tables to find something interesting. Toys and action figures, including Star Wars figures, can be found most of the time. Comic books can often be found, as can sports cards from a number of sports and makers. Dallas teams tend to dominate the card offerings. If you’re a NASCAR fan, you will definitely want to attend. More and more car replicas can be found, as well as related racing merchandise of all kinds.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t give up. Tell dealers what you are looking for, and you will often find that a number of them may have it, but not with them. Dealers often alternate stock and don’t buy a large number of tables to offer everything they have. The show continues to slowly expand into other offerings like action figures, so as the following increases, so will the selection.

The show is usually held the second Saturday of each month and admission is only $1. Show hours are short, only from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., which is plenty of time to see everything and still have a good part of the day available. Parking at the hotel is free, and the show is usually held on the second floor, accessible from the lobby staircase.

The Sterling Hotel is located at John Carpenter Freeway (Highway 183) and Regal Row, within eyesight of Texas Stadium on the Dallas / Irving city line. Additional information can be found at the show website, http://www.metroplexdiecastcollectiblesshow.com.

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