David’s Washer and Dryer Service in Rancho Cucamonga, California

David’s Washer and Dryer Service in Rancho Cucamonga, California, came to the rescue recently when my dryer of three years stopped getting hot consistently. Sometimes I’d toss a load of clothes in to find the load completely damp at the end of the drying cycle and at other times the clothes would be dry at the end of the cycle. I knew it was only a matter of time before it would stop getting hot all together and it did, within a couple of weeks.

After researching the internet and finding possible causes and methods of fixing said causes, my spouse realized that he couldn’t fix this one. We called Sears, the retailer we purchased the washer and dryer from, and was quoted a $75.00 fee to come out and look at it. If we chose them to do the needed repairs the fee would be applied to the total repair cost. We did not have $75.00 to give towards a potentially expensive repair job and struggled to find an affordable solution.

There was a posting on craigslist a while back in my community from a repair guy that specialized in washer/ dryer repairs. He scheduled to come over and said that it wouldn’t cost over $100.00 which was within our budget. He was able to give us an estimate without even charging an upfront fee. Most places don’t offer to do that. They want to secure money for the simple act of coming out without even making a single repair.

The repair guy instantly knew what was wrong after listening to the dryer for a few seconds and took out the necessary tools and replacement. The dryer needed a new thermostat and within minutes was back in business – drying our clothes that had been stiff as a board from hanging on an outside line.

This young man from David’s Washer & Dryer Servier gave us a business card that bragged of over 30 years experience. He explained that he worked in the business with his father and that he had helped several people who had purchased malfunctioning washer and dryers from garage sales and on craigslist.

He kept his word and the total repair costs, including labor and new thermostat was under $100.00.

Obviously, trusting someone from craigslist shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ask the person questions and determine if they are knowledgeable of their field. It’s always a good idea to look up potential problems with your appliances beforehand so that you can be informed when questioning a repair person. This lets them know that you’ve done your homework as well.

It’s important to be safe. My washer and dryer are in the garage so he never had direct access to my home. Also, my husband remained outside with him the entire time and watched as he worked closely – this was for safety reasons also but mostly to have the knowledge to fix it on his own if there ever were a next time. I definitely would not have called this guy if I were single or at home alone. The potential danger isn’t worth it. In that case it may be best to spend the money to have a reputable company send their man out.

I think craigslist is a good source for finding repair persons to do the work that the big guys would overprice for. It supports independent and out of work tradesmen needing to earn a living. It also affords you an opportunity to pay a fair price for services rendered.

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