Decorate Your Toilet Seat Cover: Wooden or Porcelain

Make your bathroom unique with a little extra added touch of decorating to your toilet seat cover.

Wooden Toilet Seats

Rub-on Decals:
To spruce up your wooden toilet seat first find the theme you want.

I like the ocean or wildflower themes myself. You can go to Wal-Mart, Michaels, JoAnn Fabric or any other craft store to purchase Rub-on Decals.

The cost of the Rub-On Decal sheet is very inexpensive. Around $2.00 to $4.00. For a packet of Rub-On Decals it will cost you $19.99.

This method of decorating is so simple and looks so pretty. It looks as if you worked hard stenciling or a professional drew and painted the picture onto your wooden toilet seat.

To use Rub-On Decals you take your themed picture and cut around the edges. Then use the enclosed popsicle type stick and rub the back side of the decal onto the area of the wooden toilet seat you want to decorate.

In a matter of seconds you will have a new decorative toilet seat! Bring out the theme in your bathroom with unique little touches.

I have used Rub-On Decals and they last a very long time.

Mod Podge Your Toilet Seat:
You can find Mod Podge at Wal-Mart or any craft store for $6.00 or less.

First take your photo and use a fun scrapbook scissors to make scalloped edges.

Second, take your photo(s) and place onto a clean and dry wooden toilet seat. Feel free to use one photo or multiple photos and make a collage on your toilet seat cover.

Hold the photo in place and use the wand in the Mod Podge to “paint” over the photo. The Mod Podge looks like white glue when wet but will dry. Once the Mod Podge is dry you will not be able to see the Mod Podge at all. The photo will blend right into the wooden toilet seat and look beautiful.

Porcelain Toilet Seat

Stone Gems:
Do you have a porcelain toilet seat? How about buying some stone gems? Add a mosaic pattern to your toilet seat cover.

First lay out the stone gems in the pattern you like. Carefully squeeze Super Glue onto the back of the gem and place onto toilet seat. Continue with each gem until your mosaic pattern is complete

You can get creative and make a fish pattern for your theme. A flower pattern. The themes are limitless with your own imagination!

With any of these decorating methods you have a very personalized toilet seat to add charm to your bathroom. Your family and friends will wonder where you found such a unique item!

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