Decorate with Frieze Moldings to Add Value & Beauty to Your Home

“Frieze” is a French word for a decorative (usually flat) band that is used in both contemporary and traditional or classical types of architecture. Frieze moldings may be ornate or plain. They are mainly used at the top of the room near the cove or crown molding, but they can also be used as a decorative touch across the top of a door or window. Frieze moldings have not traditionally been used alone, though recently the trend has been to use them instead of crown molding if you feel that the size of your room is not large enough for both. In addition, depending on the style you choose, frieze moldings can be more cost effective than crown molding.

Frieze moldings can also be used to camouflage imperfections in your wall. They are a beautiful way to add decorative flair to your home and no one will ever know what may be underneath.

In choosing your frieze molding, you should consider both the style and size of your room. The market place offers a wide variety of styles and you can find frieze molding that is highly embellished or molding that is sleek and contemporary. You will want to choose a style that compliments without overpowering the dÃ?©cor. Another choice you will want to make is the finish of the molding. Frieze and other moldings can be purchased in many different materials. Wood is a very popular material for molding and it can be used either with the wood-grain effect or painted. If you choose to paint, keep in mind that choosing a color that contrasts with your room paint will add a dramatic flair. You will probably want to prepare a “test piece” so that you can be sure of your choice of colors. If you prefer a more calming effect, consider matching the wall color and the molding color. Today there are many other choices of molding materials for consumers. Polyurethane is a popular choice. It is very durable and cost effective. The finishes that are available are the same as the ones available for wood. In many cases, the look of the polyurethane is not noticeably different from wood. Metals are also a beautiful choice for frieze moldings.

The installation process for frieze moldings is usually to first glue them and then screw them into the wall. This is not a difficult process, since frieze molding is flat. However, if you choose the embellished version, be sure to take into account that you will need more product so that you can cut the molding in a way that allows the patterns to match. Be sure to remember to patch the seams so that your installation looks seamless and professional.

There are many resources available for consumers who want to install frieze molding. Look on the Web for all of the new choices available and visit your local home improvement store. Installing frieze molding is a project that will add value and beauty to your home. It can be both an affordable option and one that can be easily accomplished.

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