Renovating Your Driveway

It’s spring and some of us are getting the bug to set some work done on or around our homes. By this, I mean working on that to-do list that has been added to all winter long. Especially after checking out the pictures in the decorating magazines.

Now, as you go through your checklist, do you have driveway repairs listed anywhere? You should, if you do not already. You may just want to peek out the window to get a good visual of your driveway. As you begin to part the curtains, keep in mind that a driveway that is not properly maintained will usually cost a great deal of money in repairs in due time.

For those of us living in colder climates, water can get through the cracks in the asphalt and freeze. This will cause expansion and contraction and eventually the asphalt will heave, causing upward swells. If not properly taken care of, the crack only gets bigger and soon ruins your driveway. To say nothing of the danger of both kids and adults becoming injured by stepping into one of the larger cracks.

Most driveway maintenance tasks can be performed without hiring a profession to do it for you. Here are some tips to help you through it.

* Weather can be very unpredictable at times, but try to plan your driveway project around a few days of dry weather.

* Start by cleaning your driveway. You can sweep your driveway, or the recommended way would be to rent a power washer to use after a light sweep. After this, apply asphalt cleaner to remove any oil spills or stains. This is a necessary step because asphalt is a petroleum-based product and oil will soften the surface, making it much easier for the water to seep through.

* Before applying the filler, cut away any cracks to widen the base and anchor the filling to keep it stronger on the surface. Over fill the crack and smooth out whatever is left on the surface. If some cracks are especially deep, fill them almost to the surface with sand before applying the filler.

* For the holes in your driveway that are more of an eyesore than a problem, go to a home improvement store and buy a cold patch. A cold patch is asphalt pre-mixed with an aggregate so all you have to do is pack it into a small hole and allow it to settle overnight.

* Next, apply a sealer, making sure there is no rain in the forecast. Read the label on the package of sealer because different types of sealers require different tools. Once the sealer has dried, take pride in the fact you did such a good job a very low cost. To say nothing of improving the value of your property.

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