Review of Scotch-Brite Dry Erasing Pad

I always prefer to use non-toxic cleaners, and when I can find them, I purchase all natural products. For the last few years I have used many of those micro fiber cleaning cloths, but I have added another staple to my arsenol, Scotch-Brite Erasing Pads. They clean without using harsh chemicals. They are very similar to the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, except the Scotch Brite brand is quite a bit cheaper.

Product Description

The Scotch-Brite eraser pad measures 5.2 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches, and is a little bit bigger in size than the Mr. Clean brand. The Scotch Brite is actually 1/4″ longer and 1/2″ wider than Mr. Clean’s. Half of the Scotch- Brite pad is white and the other half is blue (made of urethane). The white side is for cleaning, while the blue side is for wiping away any residue that is left.

Product Claims

The Scotch-Brite packaging states their cleaning pads will remove:

Crayon and marker
Scuff marks and smudges
Soap scum
Hard water spots

How To Use Them

Wet the pad with water, squeeze out excess water, use the white side for cleaning and the blue side for wiping surface.


This product may dull surfaces, especially glossy plastic, painted surfaces, and is not recommended for aquariums. Do not use with bleach.

My Experience

I have found the performance of the Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad to be exceptional! It does indeed remove smudges, black marks on floors (left from shoes, etc), and food dried onto my counter top. When I used it to clean my bathroom counter top and floor, it did not disappoint. Our bathroom couner and floor take a lot of abuse from the hairspray that both my husband and I use every day. A visible film builds up on them, dulling the surface, and when you try to clean it off it turns into a gooey mess. I have had success cleaning the residue off with orange cleaners and abrasive pads, bit it really takes a lot of work on my part. The Scotch Brite pad, on the other hand, cuts through that gunk quite easily, and takes MUCH less time to clean.

Yesterday I was soaking some dishcloths in my sink. I had them soaking in soap and bleach. After I removed them and let the water run out of the sink, there were black spots on my off white sink, all around the strainer. I tried to clean them off with a cloth and soap, but they wouldn’t budge. Then I remembered that I had just purchased these Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pads, and had them stored under my sink. I popped open the package and gave it a try. Walla! The spots came right off with very little effort on my part! My sink also gets dark spots when I wash pots and pans, but again these come right off with the dry pad.

They do have a down side, however. The one disappointment I have is these don’t clean hard water spots and deposits very well. I attempted to clean the chrome in my bathroom (both the tub and sink), but those water spots would not come off, not even a little.

Have you ever had those dark spots on the nice finish of your stove top? Our kitchen oven has a glass cover, so I don’t have to worry about that, but our motorhome has a metal top that does tend to get dirty easily, and some spots just don’t want to come off. The Scotch-Brite pad does a great job at removing these stains!

In Closing

This product will remove tough spots. It cleans easily, does not require a lot of elbow grease, and there are no harsh chemicals being used. I bought the two pack at WalMart, and the pads were less than $1 each, significantly cheaper than the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

These cleaning erasers do one heavy duty job and then I have to throw them away. The white area slowly erodes, or the pad breaks off into small pieces. The pads get quite dirty and they don’t always rinse off when I attempt to clean them under running water. The dirt just seems to stick to them.

I definitely recommend Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pads!

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