Decorating Flip-Flops

It is easy to take a pair of plain Jane plastic flip-flops and have them fashionably flashy in no time. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The end result can be a great way to match a special outfit or to show your team pride by decorating your flip-flops in your team colors.

To start the project, find a pair of flip-flops that have a plastic strap that goes between the toes. Once the flip-flops have been selected, it is time to let the creative juices flow. I will go over two different ways to decorate your flip-flops.

Fluffy flip-flops are created by using strips of fabric to cover the plastic strap. The strips of fabric can be cut to any width that you choose depending upon the look that you want to achieve. The length can vary depending on the amount of “fluff” that you want on your flip-flops, but I recommend using 1″x6″ strips. A nice added touch is to cut the fabric strips with pinking sheers. The strips of fabric are then knotted around the plastic strip.

Keep the knotted fabric(what you have already attached to the plastic strap) as tight as possible so that you don’t have plastic showing between the fabric. It should take about 30-40 strips of fabric in order to achieve a fluffy finished look. If the fabric strips are too long, your can trim them to the desired length. Once the plastic straps are completely covered, your fabulous fluffy flip-flops are ready to wear.

Another way to decorate a pair of flip-flops is to wrap a decorative ribbon around the plastic strap. This is easy to do and a drop of hot glue should hold the ribbon into place. A drop of glue at your starting and stopping points should be all that it takes. It is best to start the wrap at the point where the plastic meets the rear part of the shoe sole. Once the plastic strap has been completely covered, the ribbon can either be left as is or embellished with beads, glitter or buttons.

This is a quick and easy craft that will make your flip-flops fun and fabulous. This craft is also a great way to pass the time at a slumber party or a team get together. What a great way to show your team pride by sporting their colors on your flip-flops.

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