Demystifying Security Camera Technology

There are a number of complicated terms in the world of security cameras. Trying to wade through all the information and figure out what it all means can be tedious and annoying. Here’s a list of terms that might make security cameras and their systems a bit more understandable. Remember that these are a few of the key terms, and that there are many more available out there. Defining all the possible terms that exist in the world of security cameras is difficult, but here are some to get you started with your own research.

PTZ, or ‘Pan, Tilt, Zoom,’ refers to the motion of a controllable or PTZ camera. Movement can go from left to right and up down, as well as zoom in and out on an object.

Network IP Cameras are a type of camera that connects to a computer network or the web through an IP address. They can be viewed from different locations remotely.

Multiplexers make it possile to combine the data from several security cameras into one stream of information. This is system is a quicker and more effective way of processing information. : the multiplexer takes several separate digital data streams and combines them together into one data stream of a higher data rate.

Digital Recorder Cards (DRC’s) provide a digital video recording capability that allows you to store video files from your security/surveillance system on your PC.

Camera Housing is a term that refers to the outer shell of a security camera. It weatherproofs, ‘houses,’ and protects the camera from potential harm.

Dome Security Cameras are excellent for installation in building stores, entrances, shopping malls and anywhere else you want a camera that blends into its environment. A Dome Camera offers high security and increased surveillance capacities because of its non-invasive qualities. It’s also nicer looking than many other cameras, which is part of its appeal.

Multiple Output Power Adaptors are power adaptors that enable multiple outputs and are optimal for a system that needs a good amount of power.

Controllable Cameras and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras are designed to be remote controlled or controlled through a DVR. You can zoom, tilt, and pan in or out. You have all the control you want over these cameras. Providing excellent surveillance and security, they can also move right to left and up to down.

Security Camera Systems are packages that security companies often sell. They are generally less expensive than buying equipment separately. They include a security camera, processor, software, cables, a power adaptor, a monitor, and a VCR/DVR. If you chose a good system, it should also come with a warrantee.
Board Cameras, Mini Cameras, and Covert Cameras are tiny cameras that are used for quieter, more increased security. Board cameras are tiny mini cameras set in small, flat housing, and are also highly useful in situations calling for more security and extremely low visibility. A Covert Camera is intended for use for those that need increased security and a totally unobtrusive camera.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) are an integral part of a camera security program. A DVR can be used to record broadcasts on a hard disk drive that can be re-played at a later date.

Bullet Security Cameras are the perfect cameras for both indoor and outdoor installation. They are small and weatherproof because they’re sealed in cylinders and are completely protected. You can mount them on the wall or ceiling, keep a low profile, and still get super sharp, detailed video images.

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