Dentists Comes Together in Helping with Hurricane Relief Efforts

Officers from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) have reviewed the possibility of setting up a relief fund to which members could contribute.

The larger problem was setting up a mechanism to fairly distribute the funds raised, and to determine which of many needs among AACDE members hit hard by the storm, or among others whose lives have been turned upside down had claim on the funds.

A few of the many organizations directing relief funds to the hurricane-ravaged area are listed on the AACD website.

You can find an extensive list of organizations helping at compiled by the Better Business Bureau (click on the Katrina Relief Organizations box).

Blood is also needed.

The IRS is extending tax relief to those most affected by the hurricane in the Gulf Coast region and Florida.

According to the AACD some so-called charity web sites are really just phishing expeditions attempting to get personal information to commit identity theft.

Many of the organizations will also be recruiting volunteers to provide emergency health care to the tens of thousands and homeless Americans if you can donate your time and skills as well as funds, said AACD staff.

The AACD said they have heard from some members in the area who are safe, though have lost homes or offices.

Many AACD members and supporters have offered assistance to their colleagues in a variety of forms.

Dr. Carmen Moss said she has much concern about friends from the LSU area and is offering temporary assistance and/or temporary housing. She may be reached at 256-739-8600 (office), 256-775-4066 (hm) or by cell email at

AACD Past President Dr. Mike Malone of Lafayette, LA has passed on a web site recommended by the Louisiana Dental Association which is Lovelace and Associates (

Dr. Corky Willhite hopes that when he can get to his office it can be used as a temporary office by several AACD dentists to determine those hit hard by the storm.

Dr. Arnold Gelfand reported that his office and home was badly damaged in the form of a roof off his home, windows in, office damaged, and a break-in.

Donations for all AACD victims may be mailed to the AACD, 5401 World Dairy Drive, Madison, WI 53718.

For more information, email or call 608-222-8583.

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