Depression : Why so Many Are Afflicted with It!

Depression: A disease? a plaque? or a simple state of mind? My experience has taught me a few things. 1) We as people have no idea how to cope 2) we struggle endlessly to just get out of bed when inflicted with such devestation that to some may be a normal thing. To us the ones who have depression we find it anything but normal. The united states has an overwhelming statistical rise of depression. What do we do? what do we say? where do we go? How can manage and move on? These are all the questions folks ask when they find themselves in a state of Depression.

As for me my experience has been off the wall and unrelenting. Depression is in my family and now it is passed down to my children, It is a serious medical issue yet Doctors around the globe will testify it is Hormones, it is age, it is new changes in ones life and so on. My theory is not that at all. I believe with every ounce of my being it is a devistating condition maybe a medical issue in the sense of chemical embalance yet an issue none the less.

We are often put on anti depressents, some go through a phase of trial and error, where medicines are introduced and then eventually changed as they dont seem to be working. We find ourselves on many medicines before the right one seems to work. People are not so sympathetic to us depressed folks, we hear often oh just get over it, dont let it bother you, move on.
This makes us WORSE! We dont want to be Depressed we want to live a fully functional life yet we are completely set back.
I myself do not have any interest anymore, I love writing and i love photography i hardly do either. I talk myself into getting out of bed, I struggle to do dishes and clean the floor, I dont like the phone anymore, the question i truly hate the most is How Are You Doing?

I found that the more i am asked the worse that i feel, this may not wring true to everyone but i know it wrings true to many.
Counceling is very helpful but there again that may not be helpful to some if they have a councelor that is not really into their issues but more into there pocket. I have been fortunate to find a councelor that truly is on my side..My desire and wish to all who suffer from Depression or any other Mental Medical Condition is that they are truly helped and not just swayed to take pills just because. Sure some drugs help but overall its therapy and reconditioning…

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