Deterring Nuisance Wildlife

Even in urban areas, nuisance wildlife has become a problem for many homeowners. Shrinking habitat has forced many animals to adapt to life among and alongside people. Some of these creatures, such as raccoons, oppossums, foxes and skunks even seem to be thriving outside of the forests. These animals are clearly opportunists and will take advantage of any easy meal or dwelling that doesn’t require a lot of work on their part. In order to keep your yard and home free of pesky critters, there are several rules you need to follow.

For starters, don’t feed them, either outright or inadvertently. If you have outside pets, feed them before dark and gather up any remaining food and take it inside before night. After dark is when most of these animals will go out in search of food, and a garbage can improperly secured is an invitation for dinner. Raccoons are clever and can lift the lid off of most trash cans. A pair of bungee cords securing the lid on the can usually does the trick to keep the raccoons out. If you feed the birds, you can expect other wildlife to feed on the seed also. Make sure you put up the bags of bird feed inside where they cannot be broken into. Pumpkins used as fall decorations are also a likely target of hungry raccoons. Never throw food scraps outside in your yard, as this will draw rats as well as other wildlife.

In the spring and in late fall your home may become home to some unwanted tenants if you don’t make sure all entry points into your house are secured. Chimneys are a favorite dwelling of raccoons, oppossums, squirrels and some birds. Make sure you have a chimney cap on your chimney with no gaps for access by any of these animals. Check your attic vent screens and the eaves of your house for holes. Squirrels are especially good at gnawing holes to make access into your attic.

Snakes are sometimes another problem and may not only frequent your yard, but are seen on porches and even inside homes. Clear your yard of any debris where they could be hiding. Keep your grass cut and your yard free of tall brush and piles of leaves or pine straw. Sulphur crystals can also be sprinkled to deter them from around your home. With a little effort, nuisance wildlife doesn’t have to be a nuisance to you. If you follow these rules however, and still have problems, many communities have a nuisance wildlife removal service that will come out for a fee and take care of the problem.

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