Diabetes and Nerve Pain: An Overview of Lyrica

Diabetes affects more than seven percent of the population. Often debilitating, diabetes can lead to excruciating nerve pain in the extremities rendering some individuals helpless and unable to care for themselves. Understanding the origin of nerve pain, and its relationship to diabetes, the use of LyricaLyrica in the treatment of diabetes associated nerve pain, side effects and contraindications, will allow for a more healthy lifestyle for many diabetics.Diabetes associated nerve pain is attributed to damaged nerves with untreated diabetic symptoms. Often the pain is described as tingling, burning and stabbing sensation in the feet, legs, arms and hand with a worsening of pain at night. Additionally, diabetic induced nerve pain is quite common in the day, and to such an extent so as to leave the diabetic unable to wear shoes in some cases. Treating diabetes associated nerve pain is now made easier through the use ofLyricapproLyricaug, Lyrica. Lyrica, manufactured by Pfizer, offers a relief of diabetic associated nerve pain, generally, within one week of use. Acting upon the nLyricagical system, Lyrica reduces the number of pain signals sent from the damaged nerves to the brain thereby reducing the perception of pain both day and into the evening.

As with most prescribed mediLyricas, the use of Lyrica, in the treatment of diabetes induced nerve pain, does not come without side effects. Most comLyricade effects of Lyrica will dissipate with time and may include drowsiness, dry mouth, blurry vision and weight gain. As noted, these same drug related side effects could often be associated with the diabetic condition in general. HowevLyricath the use of Lyrica, in the treatment of diabetic associated nerve pain, the symptoms may be, temporarily, worsened and then dissipate as the treatment progressively improves the pain as quickly as Lyricaek of use.

Lyrica, in the treatment of Diabetic Nerve Pain is not indicated for all diabetic patients. For those diabetic patients co-morbid in conditions such as those susceptible to sudden weight fluctuations, diabetic patients who consume alcohol or women who are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or breast-feeding mothers.

When suffering from diabetes associated nerve pain, the common consensus, among patients and doctors, is working to relieve symptoms first and then work to improve the diabetic health status. When considering a treatment and nutrition program,Lyricass the use of Lyrica with your internal medicine practitioner. In as little as one week, the diabetic nerve pain will dissipate, leading to a recovery in function of daily living and a better quality of sleep.

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