Did I Hurt You as Much as You Hurt Me?

When the book on the my life is written
And all the sad songs have been sung
Will you be there between the lines
Have you been and were you the ‘one’?
Did emotions and passion run so deep
That you needed a place to hide
When I tried to touch you, reach you
Feel you, fill you, deep inside.

Where the empty words just merely that
Like those I’ve written on this page
The longing and needing has disappeared
I feel I have been replaced.
I have felt your body heat rise
I have made you wet and left you wanting more
But it wasn’t I who changed my mind
If this is a game then who’s winning, and what’s the score?

I’ve often wondered if I’ve hurt you
And how deep the scars really go
For you’ve told me time and again you can turn it off
If you have already, then I need to know.
I need to know if I can feel again
And not merely be standing in a haze
Everything is moving so slowly, voices crumble
But the desire is still burns me when I see your face.

I survive out of sheer intolerance
I deny nothing for I have learned with time
That empty words are all they are
When emotions are gone, like mine.
And though the roller coaster still runs on its track
I am strapped in for the rough ride
But I am weary and so tired
And even emptier now inside.

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