Reconciling in the Cold

Last night,
As you lay sleeping
With neon slits of light
Through venetian blinds
Sleeping across your body,
Keeping warm,
I traced your shoulder with my finger
And startled the light awake.
But seeing it was only me,
It yawned, falling back to sleep.

Shadows drifted high against the buildings.
The city was muffled in darkness.
Descending to the streets,
I sifted through the night.
Lacy apparitions
Of falling differences
Settled gently on my shoes,
Before I shook them off,
Moving on.
Faint ligh surrendered to the ground.
Treading through,
I packed it down for the night.

When I returned,
You were still asleep to the cold.
Dusting the remnants of icy thoughts
From my brow,
I turned the handle on the blind,
Putting the light outside for the night,
And spent the dark with you,

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