Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is the old mass-produced soft drink in the world and is still one of the best. In 2004 Dr Pepper inaugurated a new line of flavors dubbed “Fountain Classics” seeking to hearken back to the heyday of the soda fountain in the 1950’s. The first drink in the Fountain Classics line was Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, on the shelves even before its non-diet counterpart.

The addition of the cherry vanilla flavor adds a great deal to the original Dr Pepper, itself one of the best drinks around. It is sweeter and for a diet more tasty than normal Dr Pepper. Of course comparing the taste of a diet drink to a full-flavored one is ridiculous, no diet drink can compare to the richness of a full calorie drink. But if you are going to go diet, there is no better option than Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper.

I haven’t actually had the full-flavored Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper so such a comparison is impossible anyway, but that is not what we are looking at here. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is a delicious soda regardless of whether it is diet or not.

Whether or not it truly captures the flavor or spirit of the soda fountain days of yore is another story. The drink tries to offer up a bit of nostalgia. Even the packaging is designed in classic form, adding to the air of the soda fountain when you are drinking it.

With the burgeoning of all sorts of new soda flavors in recent years (vanilla, lemon, lime, cherry vanilla, etc.) Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is hardly unique in the world of soda flavors. But if you are a fan of Dr Pepper, a drinker of diet drinks of both it is definitely one of the best if not the best diet soda out there.

The success of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper has even spawned a second entry into the Dr Pepper Fountain Classics line: Berries & Cream. Its flavor is uniquely distinct from the Cherry and Vanilla variety, although similarities exist. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is the superior form, however.

All in all Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper is a great drink and one of the best diet sodas on the market. One can only hope that its success and that of Berries & Cream Dr Pepper will warrant further additions to the Dr Pepper Fountain Classics line.

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