Disabled View

How would you feel if you couldn’t get up stairs so you couldn’t go to a new restaurant? How would you feel if people were staring at you while you shop?

What if you couldn’t even go over your friends’ home because there was stairs but no elevator?

What if people assume things about you? Like you’re dumb? Or they can catch it? Whatever it is. Maybe they just won’t take time to see you are more than your disability or whatever it is.

Imagine how you would feel. Well, I don’t have to imagine.

People with disabilities really are not that different. We need the same basic things: food, clothes, love, shelter, etc. You need this too, right?

We generally don’t even look that different. Can’t you see past a wheelchair, crutches, a walker, etc? It should not be that hard.

We need some different things. And we are more limited. Before you judge us try to see things from our view.

Think about this.

While you think take a small glimpse into my world.

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 5 years old. I use crutches and a wheelchair. I cannot walk for or long. The arthritis attacks all my joints so I am extremely limited. Many things I cannot do on my own and need help.

I am in constant pain. My only break is sleep. Even then sometimes pain follows me. But I have decided as long as I can take it I’m not taking pain medicine. I don’t want to deal with side effects. And insurance may not cover it anyway.

But in many ways I’m the same as everyone else. I love movies and hanging out.

As far as music, I like a little bit of everything but I’d say my favorite types are pop and rock. I’m hooked on my TV shows.

For movies, the only things I’m sure to say no to are movies that scare me (I’m chicken), too much blood or gore, and sub titles (I don’t want to read my movie). Other than that I like whatever my instincts go for.

I love art, photography, and animals. Dogs being my favorite. Followed by wolves, dolphins, and whales.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this. This is a very small look into my life but I wanted to share it with you.

My body may be disabled or have disabilities (whatever is politically correct) but my mind is not. I’m not a genius or anything but my mind is fine.

After this I hope you’ll take the time to see we are more than our abilities or disabilities.

We are people.

Different and the Same.

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