How to Get Off Paxil Naturally

Paxil is a prescription antidepressant that is used for treatment of depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and other stress-related complications. The difficult part of taking this medicine is how to get off with it after the treatment. Generally, patients find themselves addicted to this medicine and find too hard to wean off from it. However, an advice from the doctor and some sort of psychotherapy or counselling session can help get rid of this medicine. Patients should themselves not decide to leave the medicine abruptly as it can cause some complications.


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    Take Doctor Advice

    If you are on Paxil, do not think of quitting its intake abruptly. Instead, you should talk to your doctor and discuss how much prone you are to it. It is possible your doctor first reduce the dose and then gradually help you to wean off Paxil. Also, the doctor might change the drug from tablets or capsules to liquid form, which you may find easier to quit.

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    Ask for Adjustment of Dose

    In discussion with your doctor you can ask your doctor to reduce the dose from higher to lower potency and thus wean off Paxil gradually. If you are taking the drug in form of  liquid, you can gradually reduce quantity until you quit. If you feel any instability in your condition, especially in sleep, mood or overall condition, discuss it with your doctor regularly.

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    Reduce Potency Yourself

    If somehow you do not want to consult your doctor or do not have access to a GP services and feel confident, reduce the potency of Paxil gradually. Generally it is recommended to reduce the potency by about 1mg every day, and then gradually take lower potency every day. Do not reduce the potency by greater amount or leave the drug abruptly.

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    Further Direction in Potency

    If you feel confidence and no change in mood and overall condition during first week of the reduction in the dose, you can further change the dose over next week, but you will have to have fighting spirits and a lot of patience. It is possible that reduction of potency by a greater amount affect your condition rapidly and you feel angry or any instability in the mood. So monitor yourself gradually and if you get along well then gradually move towards weaning off Paxil.

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    Progress Toward Getting off Paxil

    If you do not feel any major change in mood and condition, gradually move towards getting off Paxil until you are successful. It is always better to progress towards quitting the drug in line of advice from doctor.

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