How to Avoid Keloids Post Surgery

While some people scar minimally, others develop visible scar tissues that extend beyond the original wound. Keloids are raised scars that are formed on skin following any condition, like acne, wounds, injections, piercings or surgery. These itchy and dark scars are formed when the body starts producing excess collagen in an attempt to heal the wound. Some regions, like  breast bones and shoulders are more prone to developing keloids; but they can appear anywhere.

The tendency to develop keloids is supposed to be hereditary but people with dark skins are more prone to developing these scars. Moreover, young people (between ten and thirty years of age) are more susceptible to form keloids. These raised scars do not discriminate on the basis of gender; both men and women are equally affected.

Sometimes these elevated skin patches may stop growing on their own and may even vanish without any special treatment. But there are cases when these raised scars may grow overly large and need treatment – medication, laser therapy or even another surgery. Cosmetic surgeons use laser therapy as well as other methods to smooth out keloids.


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    If you have the tendency to develop keloids, then you need to be extra careful even before undergoing a surgery, especially when opting for elective surgeries like face lifting.

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    Pamper your skin with regular skin and spa treatments and ensure that it remains sufficiently moist. This will relax tension around your operated skin and muscles, reducing the chances of forming a keloid.

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    Steroids are also successful for treating Keloid scars and are effective in reducing post surgery itching, burning and swelling.

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    Compression garments can also be effective. These include stockings, socks and sleeves which help flatten the scars somewhat and reduce swelling as well.

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    In severe cases, surgeons usually do skin grafts, but it is a risky procedure since you can develop more keloids as a result of that surgery.

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