How to Reverse Traction Alopecia

If you subject your hair frequently to excessive pulling force, the result will be a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia. In most cases, it is caused when you over style your hair or if you are suffering from a mental illness called trichotillomania which causes people to pull at their hair compulsively.

Fortunately, traction alopecia is short-term and there are numerous ways in which you can reverse it before permanent damage has been done. Here are a few ways in which you can safely reverse traction alopecia without using any specialised hair treatment products.


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    One of the major causes of traction alopecia is to keep your hair bound tightly for long durations of time. This is because the buns and braids in which you tie your hair put a constant pressure on the hair, effectively stopping hair growth and damaging the dermal papilla and hair follicle. So make sure that you avoid braiding your hair. Also, make sure you do not wear your hair in buns and ponytails.

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    Harsh chemicals can also become the cause of traction alopecia. People tend to use products such as styling gels, hair lotions and hair dyes. Almost all these hair styling products have a high chemical content which directly weakens the tensile strength of your hair. So make sure that you do not use hair styling products frequently.

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    Never pull at your hair. If you can not keep yourself from pulling at your hair, you may be suffering from a mental illness called trichotillomania. If that is the case, immediately see a doctor. The doctor will properly diagnose and suggest a treatment if you really are a victim of trichotillomania.

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    If traction alopecia reaches its last stage in your case, there is no other option but to get a hair transplant. There may be spots on your scalp or a body part where hair growth has stopped permanently. The surgeon will transfer healthy hair from a different part to the area where hair growth has stopped.

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