How to Learn Hypnosis at Home

Learning to hypnotize someone is a great skill to have. However, we are not talking about the hypnosis one sees in cartoons and this does not involve snapping your fingers. This is a serious resource and we will teach you how you can learn hypnosis in your home.

This is a serious science used by psychologists and should not be used as a party trick but rather to unlock memories as a form of therapy.

Things Required:

– a wall clock or pocket watch
– a test subject, either a person or a pet
– a calming environment
– a comfortable sofa or bed to lie down on


  • 1

    The first step is to set up the practice area. Make sure the room is not too cramped. Also reduce the lighting in the area. Be sure that you are not disturbed in this practice area or are interrupted by anyone. The object is to make it as quite, relaxing and soothing an environment as possible. A mild aromatic candle also helps but make sure it is nothing strong.

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    The second step involves getting a constant, evenly spaced sound going in a rhythm. This is where the wall clock or a pocket watch comes in handy. The sound that each makes every second is perfect to begin the rhythm in the test subject. The pocket watch works better because you can dangle it in front of the subject and because it will also make the required timed sound pattern.

  • 3

    Now look into the test subjects eyes and dangle the pocket watch in front of their face. Ask them not to move their heads but follow the watch with their eyes. Remember to dangle the watch slowly and rhythmically.

  • 4

    After a few swings, begin uttering, in  a calm voice, ‘you are feeling sleepy’ followed by ‘your eyes are getting heavy’. Be sure that the person you are trying to hypnotize is calm and fully relaxed. Remember to be serious so that your test subject does not start laughing or joking around. Always maintain a sober and relaxing atmosphere for your test subject to respond accordingly.

  • 5

    Repeat the previous step a couple of times and the test subject should be in a deep sleep. This should not happen, as your object is to relax the subject and not bore him into a power nap. Do not get discouraged if the test subject does not respond initially.

  • 6

    Snap your fingers in order to wake him up. Most people would react angrily to this in the olden days, hence the myth of people acting like monkeys on the command of the person hypnotizing them.

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