How to Identify Myositis

Myositis – an inflammation in muscles in the body – can be identified through a number of tests and physical examination of the patient. The problem, which sometimes can last up to two to three years, occurs because of an injury, infection or autoimmune. Myositis caused by autoimmune is a chronic form and last longer. If you suspect having the problem, immediately consult your doctor and have the required medical tests performed. This should confirm if you have a temporary or chronic problem.


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    Muscles Weakness

    Muscles weakness provides the clues that you have the problem of Myositis. For example, you will have difficulty in climbing stairs or even raising your hands over your head. The muscles near the body trunk are particularly affected. On feeling the weakness in these muscles you should consult the doctor immediately.

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    Fatigue and Pain

    If you feel pain on touching skeletal muscles it can be an indication of  Myositis. Also, if you feel fatigue in these muscles, this too can indicate that you have the problem. You should consult doctor in that case. Getting too tired after a little work is sometimes due to the problem.

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    Rash on Skin

    Having a dry and purple rash on face, eyelids, back and other parts of the body can be an indication of Myositis. In that case you should get yourself examined by your doctor, because you yourself cannot determine the cause of the rash.

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    Blood Test

    One of the important of medical tests is examination of the blood samples. On feeling the problem, you should take the blood sample and get it evaluated from your doctor. They can tell you exactly if you have the problem, and whether it is temporary or chronicle.

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    Biopsy of Skin

    Take the muscles tissues and examine them for Myositis. This is one of the most effective methods to test for the problem and get it treated at initial phase. Through biopsy of the skin you can know if the problem of rash is due to appearance of Myositis or it is a general rash.

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    MRI Scan

    MRI scan of your muscles can also help you determine the cause of the rash or body pain. According to Myositis Association, the body muscles scan is the right way to determine the level of the problem and its activity period.

  • 7

    EMG Test

    An electromyogram of body muscles can also be done to determine the electrical changes in your body muscles. This will let you know if there is a different electrical patron in the muscles that are affected with Myositis. You can compare the electrical changes in these muscles with those which are not affected by the electrical changes and thus determine if you have the problem.

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