How to Help Someone Suffering with Bipolar Disorder

Are any of your loved ones suffering from Bipolar Disorder? If yes, then you seriously have to help them to survive or overcome this difficult condition. Bipolar Disorder, also referred as manic-depression, is one among the severe mental illness that can affect people of various age groups at any phase of life. Bipolar Disorder is an irritating and annoying combination of depression and elevated moods. There are many medical therapies and treatment available to deal with this life-long illness, but they can be really fruitful without the support of the patient’s family and loved ones. No doubt this condition is an incapacitating one, but examples are available according to which many Bipolar Disorder’s patients lead normal and fruitful lives with the support of their families, friends and physicians.


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    Learn about Bipolar Disorder

    The very first and best thing you can do is, thoroughly understand the Bipolar Disorder as it is essential to understand and handle the patient.  There are many helpful books regarding the Bipolar Disorder. “An Unquiet Mind,” “Wishful Drinking,” “Madness: A Bipolar Life,” and “Touched With Fire” etc are some of the useful Bipolar Disorder related books that you can read. Moreover, search online to take advantage of the huge information available about this disorder.

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    Listen to the one suffering from Bipolar Disorder

    There is no need to argue with the one already suffering from an excruciating condition. Rather than a useless argument, it is better to listen to them with patience and to deal them with love. Just because he or she is suffering from a bipolar disorder doesn’t mean their point of view is invalid. Listen to their feelings and encourage them to overcome the situation with their strong will-power.

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    Be available for them

    Don’t leave the Bipolar Disorder’s patient alone as lowliness can make their situation more badly. Spend as much time with them as you can in order to make him/her realize that he/she is not alone at all.

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    Help them to reduce Stress

    Stress is one among the major reasons of Bipolar Disorder and it can make the situation more ruinous. Try to keep them away from the situations that can be worrying for them. Engage them into healthy activities.

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    Set an Appointment

    A proper medical treatment or therapy is a major requirement to overcome or handle the Bipolar Disorder. Set up an appointment with the skillful and well-known doctor of your area and discuss the situation of your loved one in detail. Moreover, make sure to given him/her the medicines on time and to visit the doctor according to the scheduled appointments.

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    Keep an eye on their financial activities

    People suffering from the Bipolar Disorder usually have a feeling of grandeur. As a result, they do not value money and they will go on a spending money wildly. Make sure to keep away the credit or debit cards and cash away from their reach to politely stop them from un-necessary spending. Try to divert their concentration if they ask you for shopping or going out.

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    Keep an eye on their sexual activities

    The patients of Bipolar Disorder are the ones with a high sexual drive. They easily fall in love with anyone good-looking and find it difficult to resist themselves from getting into various sexual activities. Closely watch the patient and try to divert his/her attention from the annoying condition of hyper-sexuality.

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